Early Learning with Tracy and Lacey

“We explore and make sense of our world through the narratives we create.”

Term 4 in Early Learning has begun with a flourish of creativity and storytelling as we launch into our new Unit of Inquiry: How We Express Ourselves

Our learning engagements and investigations will allow the children to explore and express themselves using a wide range of creative, playful, and engaging ways! The focus will be on observing, experimenting, discovering, and learning about the world around us through active exploration.

We will be learning about:

• Physical movement through dancing, singing and music making

• Expression and communication at groups times and when we share during our activities and play

• Expressing ourselves when we speak, draw, and share our ideas

• Storytelling and expressing ourselves through our interests

This Unit of Inquiry is always a joyful, magical learning experience as the children design and create using the visual arts, music, and creative movement. We are looking forward to seeing where the children’s inquiries and interests take us this term and to a visit by our grandparents. It will be end of year celebrations before we know it!

ELG Educators