Early Learning Group News

We are celebrating our learning and a fantastic year together!

"Your off to great places! Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way." (Dr Suess)

The Early Learning Centre has been alive with the excitement and joy of Christmas time and preparations for the end of our year together!

Both our three and four-year-old groups have been reflecting on each child's incredible growth and transformation throughout this year.

While 2021 has thrown its challenges at us, it has been inspiring and wonderful to observe the resilience and capabilities of our youngest students. They have all developed confidence, independence and social skills that will set them up for success, not just for the next step in their journey but for their lives.

We are grateful for the talents, knowledge, and interests that each child has brought to our community. These have enriched our program and learning, providing the basis for every learning opportunity developed in our centre.

Both our groups have spent the last few weeks of term making Christmas gifts, decorations and artwork to share with their families. We are sure everyone's homes are looking more festive with the addition of these stunning masterpieces!

The kitchen has also been a place of rich, authentic learning and delicious smells as fruit mince and Christmas cakes were made. We thank Deborah for her incredible culinary skills and her patience in sharing these with the children

Our Unit of Inquiry, "How We Express Ourselves", has provided us with a fabulous opportunity to explore and communicate our ideas, feelings and stories through a wide variety of languages, including drawing, painting, singing, dancing, movement and storytelling.

For our ELG3 learners, the planning, preparation and presentation of our Bush Christmas Story was a focal point in this unit and a wonderful celebration of our learning.

Our ELG 4 learners chose to share their learning through music and song, practising and expressing themselves with movement, music and singing!

Thank you to all the families who made time to come along and join in the fun. We hope you enjoyed the magic of an Early Learning performance!

We congratulate Cadie on completing an incredibly successful placement in child care as part of her Bachelor of Teaching studies! We missed Cadie, and Early Learning certainly wasn't the same without her! However, her absence provided a fantastic opportunity for our three-year-old children to build a relationship with Lacey, their teacher, for next year! We thank Lacey for making time to join us this term and would also like to acknowledge the hard work and support of Tracy Ritchie. It was so lovely for the children in four-year-old to reconnect with you!

We extend our gratitude also to Tracey Clinch, Brenda, Donna, Tahlia and Chris D for stepping in and helping out whenever needed!

For our ELG 4 families, we wish your children every happiness and success as they head off to school in 2022! For those remaining at Penbank, we look forward to sharing in your journey in the years to come!

For our ELG 3 families, we are looking forward to sharing another fabulous year with you as your child makes the transition to our four-year-old group!

We wish all our Early Learning families a very Merry Christmas and restful holiday break.

Thank you from our hearts for all your support, kindness, understanding and participation throughout the year. Most of all, thank you for entrusting us with your beautiful children.