Early Learning group news

Hello and well done to our beautiful families for your strength and persistence through the latter half of this term! We also thank you for your continued support as we navigate the CLP and home learning opportunities.

We have seen some rich engagement in the remote activities and some brilliant thinking and learning from the children. We should remember that Early Childhood is a time to focus on discovery. Children make discoveries all the time, and they are very good at it! As the adults in their lives, we are here to focus their attention at times, support them as their knowledge develops, and show curiosity about their surroundings.

While you care for and support your children through these times, remember that it is vitally important to care for yourselves. We hope you could attend 'The Connected Parenting Workshop' run by The Resilience Project. We have been thankful to have listened to their work before, and we felt the need to be more consciously aware of being grateful. Living as we are at the moment certainly isn't easy, at least at times, but we are thankful for the CLP, which keeps us connected and involved in each others' lives. We are also so very grateful to live in this beautiful part of the world, where we can step outside and enjoy fresh air whenever we choose.

This term, both our three and four-year-old groups have begun to investigate through our new Unit of Inquiry, How the World Works. This unit has been rich in hands-on learning opportunities, and It is lovely to reflect on the learning that has been taking place:


The children are using playful exploration to construct theories about the world, and it is so positive to see how engaged the children have been in their challenges and tasks. We began by exploring gravity through ramp building, jumping, attempting to build gravity-defying sculptures, watching water droplets run down a window, and watching what happens when towers fall. 

All of the discoveries that we made through these activities have led us to think about how we use forces such as pulling and pushing in our everyday lives. The children have thought about how we use forces to bounce balls, move items up ramps, move items without using our hands, even how we use muscles when we're riding our scooters and bikes. The children labelled their thinking and used scientific words to describe their observations, including such rich, lively, play-based learning. 

Last week we celebrated Book Week with a dress-up day. Children came dressed in various costumes and shared pages from their favourite books with their peers. It was so good to be still able to celebrate these special occasions even if we were all in different locations.


The last few weeks have flown! It is lovely to see how the children have engaged with the learning experiences that have formed part of the CLP. There was such significant participation in designing and making a scarecrow. Several children drew a design and considered the materials they would need. The final products were beautiful and varied. At this age, we can encourage children to spend a little more time and consideration when they are interested in making something and figuring out how best to bring that idea to fruition.

How the World Works is a beautiful unit of inquiry to promote scientific thinking and skills. The activities have focused on observation and collecting data. From being splash scientists to food scientists, the children have shown their ability to predict and interpret the results.

We wanted to continue the 'wellbeing' work that the children have been doing in Early Learning. Therefore, there have been many activities and zoom sessions with yoga, dance, meditation, and breathing exercises. The children's engagement in these activities is so beneficial, especially now, and it is great that they can share these exercises with you. We all need to look after ourselves as best as possible, so we will continue to sing, dance, move, and sometimes be still.  

ELG/3 & ELG/4

We understand that this period of remote learning looks different for every family. If your child is enjoying something other than Seesaw's learning tasks, we would still very much like to hear about what they have been up to. We have been lucky enough to have had a glimpse into the work of a couple of children, which has allowed them to receive direct feedback from us. Whether it is an activity we have suggested or not, we still love to see your beautiful children engaged!  

Early Learning Teachers