Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures – a reminder!

A timely reminder of our drop off and pick up procedures here at school. The whole system works a treat if everyone does their part. Being impatient or rushing puts the safety of our children at risk. Please also be respectful of one another when entering or leaving the school property.

At drop off in the morning please reverse park on the far side of the basketball court if you are accompanying children to class. The left-hand-side of the basketball court is used for dropping off and a turning circle. ECC drop-off only from the main driveway and designated parking opposite Reception. Please do not drop off or park in Piper Crescent.

In the afternoon, Foundation to Year 3 and their older siblings should be collected from in front of Reception. Year 4 to Year 6 students are to be collected from the basketball court. Please reverse park on either side of the court. Please do not park on the basketball court if you are collecting from the ECC or remaining here at school to watch your children on the playground.

I thank you for following our procedures as outlined above.