Discovery Day

Our Discovery Day program is up and running and our Year 1 and 2 students have spent a wonderful few weeks exploring their sites. During this time, we have experienced some rather unpredictable Melbourne weather, which has encouraged the children to be flexible and demonstrate resilience.

The changing weather has also provided many opportunities for the students to observe and record environmental change, problem-solve and, adapt their learning and play to suit the changing landscapes.

Last week a group of students met up with volunteers from Action Sweetwater Creek Inc. to assist them with weeding in the Reserve. The students worked collaboratively and were more than happy to pitch in and get their hands dirty. There will be further opportunities for our students to work with Action Sweetwater Creek Inc. in the coming months, assisting with weeding and planting.

We would like to thank all volunteers who have helped out thus far. If you are able to join us on Discovery Day, please add your name to the Discovery Day - Parent Volunteer Helpers sign up sheet.

Discovery Day Teachers