Digital Wellbeing: how to stay focused in an age of distraction

Digital Wellbeing is something we all grapple with, no matter whether you're a student or a parent. When it comes to screens, few of us are sitting in the driver's seat. Our term 3 Parent Education Program (PEP) talk is the pep talk we all need: how to stay focused in an age of distraction.

Our PEP talk presenter, Dr Joanne Orlando (PhD, MEd, BEd), is a leading international expert on how to create a healthy relationship with technology. Based on her ground-breaking research, Joanne speaks to communities about how to balance the 24/7 nature of technology without losing the many opportunities it provides. She believes we can live well and stay focused with technology even with the ever-present possibility of distraction. In this term 3 PEP Talk, she'll share with us some simple tips on how to reign in our digital habits and create a relationship with technology that doesn't tax our wellbeing.

Joanne is the creator of the digital literacy and wellbeing education program TechClever, which helps schools and parents to frame conversations around technology away from one that focuses on fear to one that focuses on creating healthy relationships with our devices. Her most recent book Life Mode On, was released worldwide in 2021.