Year 4 Update

It seems unbelievable that we are already up to Week 7 of this term. The students have all done an incredible job of adapting to the continuous learning plan, and I commend them for their hard efforts. Even though it has been a different term, to say the least, they have managed to rise to every challenge, and I have been so impressed with all of the fantastic tasks and independent learning they have been able to achieve.

I am also thankful that this time has allowed me to see some of the other strengths your children have outside of what I would typically see in the classroom, including their musicality and creativity.

I understand that all of this is made possible with the incredible support you have been giving from home. Thank you for the continuing guidance you are providing during these challenging times. Your efforts at home are excellent support for your children.


This term, the students have finished up their unit 'Sharing the Planet,' looking at the features of harmonious communities, attitudes, and actions that affect the unity of a community as well as the role of conflict resolution in supporting harmony. They have explicitly focused on the ways that they, as an individual, can make a difference and sharing their messages and kindness to others.

I was impressed with how well they immersed themselves in the transdisciplinary theme and were able to reflect on it. They were able to share their wealth of knowledge and opinions on what harmony means to them, and their final task at the end of the unit was a great display of their understanding, individual thoughts, and beliefs.

Our next unit, we will be moving onto 'How we organise ourselves' looks at how organisations and systems are developed to respond to Earth's changing processes.


This term, they have been focusing on their number skills, building on their knowledge of place value, and applying a range of methods to solve addition and subtraction problems. They have looked at formal methods as well as mental methods and analysed why each strategy works and which strategies to address addition & subtraction problems are the most efficient for them. They were able to use some problem solving and apply these to real-life situations. They also looked at the importance of estimation and checking their working out for accuracy.

The students were also able to show their understanding of perimeter and its application to different shapes, including problem-solving with missing sides.


In literacy, they have been making links with our unit of inquiry with a lot of their reading and writing set tasks linked to our key concepts. They have gone very in-depth with our persuasive writing tasks this term as they have read a range of different types of persuasive texts. They looked at;

  • author's purpose 
  • audience
  • identifying specific persuasive strategies 
  • using their understanding to apply this to their text pieces. 

Their mascot persuasive pieces were undoubtedly a highlight of their knowledge and individual understandings!

Please take care of yourself and your family!

Year 4 Classroom Teacher