Year 2 Update

As we draw to the end of this phase of our Continuous Learning Plan, it is an ideal time to reflect on the challenges we have faced and celebrate the successes and learning that has occurred. For families, children, and teachers, this time has brought uncertainty and changes to regular routines that we never imagined we would be facing. But amongst this uncertainty, there has been a multitude of rich learning experiences. For me, learning an entirely new way of doing my job has been a fantastic learning experience. I have seen a different side to the children and have relished the chance to see creativity shine. For families, I hope that the visibility of learning has been insightful and will help us continue to develop a strong learning partnership as we continue this year. For the children, the opportunity to grow as learners has been immense: learning to be communicators, risk-takers, inquirers, open-minded, and balanced – all fundamental attributes of the IB learner profile. Seeing children take the opportunity to present their learning about things they are interested in ways that excite and challenge has been a pure joy.

It has been wonderful to have had the opportunity to rethink Discovery Day and how it would work within the Continuous Learning Plan. The magnificent inquiries and adventures our children have been on have been an inspiration.

In the past week, we have begun our new inquiry unit: How the World Works. In this unit, we will be inquiring into how understanding forces enables people to create and innovate.

Our lines of inquiry will be: 

  • How forces can act on objects
  • How variables influence force
  • How we can use our understanding of forces to create & innovate

In English, we have spent a short time looking at descriptive language, working on our observation skills, which will enhance our science inquiry. As the term continues, we will refocus on informative texts; in particular, scientific writing, including writing scientific procedures. To deepen our comprehension, we will focus on the comprehension strategy of 'Making Connections – text to self, text to text, and text to the world'.

In Maths, we have just begun our unit on measuring using informal units of measurement. It's been exciting to see children inquire into what good measurement looks like and what we need to remember when measuring. 

I would love to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you for the support, kind words, and encouragement you have provided to your children, and me, during this remarkable time. I am so excited to be welcoming everyone back to school next week.

Year 2 Classroom Teacher