Dazzled Daily in the Art Room

""The capacity for creativity is inherent in all of us. Imagination and creativity are at the heart of all uniquely human achievements, and those achievements have been dazzling."

I love my job because I am dazzled daily by the artwork created by students at Minimbah.

ECC have been creating textured tiles using pasta and drawing images that are being transferred onto tiles. These are going to be put together to create a mosaic mural.

Foundation have made a wonderful collaborative collaged mural of their community. This can be viewed on the wall outside their classroom.

Year 1 and 2 students have been inspired by Paul Klee’s abstract cityscape painting ‘Castle and Sun.’ They have printed their own castle and sun art piece and added drawing details.

Year 3 and 4 are exploring Threads and Textiles by fraying edges of hessian and learning new stitches. They enjoyed taping lines on their hessian pieces and painting in between to create geometric shapes to stitch around.

Year 5 have started to make puppet heads out of Paper Mache. They are making an outfit out of fabric and embellishing their work using a variety of materials.

Year 6 students have chosen their own clay project to work on which will be fired and glazed next term.

Art Teacher