Da Vinci Decathlon 2019

Congratulations to Jaime Chadwick, Ronan Coster, Ava Drayton-Benson, Sophie Graeme, Jaxon Hartley, Alastair Jones, Patrick Seymour and Imogen Tabacco for their outstanding work at this year's Da Vinci Decathlon. On Tuesday 7 May, the team of Year 7 students competed in the regional competition of the 2019 Da Vinci Decathlon. The Decathlon places emphasis on higher-order thinking where students work in teams of eight in categories that mirror the enormous range of disciplines that Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest minds of western development, excelled in. The day of competition was intensive, and all the students worked hard to gain the highest score in each category.

The categories covered are: 

  • Mathematics
  • English 
  • Science 
  • Code Breaking
  • Engineering
  • Ideation (where students aim to solve real-world problems) 
  • Creative Producers (a 30-second performance on a given topic)
  • Art and Poetry 
  • Cartography
  • General Knowledge   

Two pieces of work, a poem and an illustration, produced by on the day show incredible insight from our students.

Unwilling, unnoticed, uncared for, unknown. 
What has made us destroy our home? 
Breaking over our head, 
Under our feet. 
But still, us humans can’t admit defeat 
Admit that amongst all the abnormal silence
Is a scream for help

A scream of defiance 
I want a life 
I want to be heard 
To take off the blindfold that loves the world I want my story to be told, 
The story of all creatures who lost their home.