The students at Penbank have begun their preparations for our end of year artistic celebration of learning.

It is a crucial component of the curriculum, and it is an expectation that every child participates. A broad range of activities on offer has been selected to reflect our students' current interests and strengths. These considerations are in place to accommodate everyone, from our budding performers to our most reluctant stars. 

What is CREATE?

CREATE is Penbank’s celebration of how the arts enrich our lives

This term all students at Penbank will inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express our ideas, feelings, culture, and values, through creative expression. This learning is integrated through classroom Inquiry and Specialist areas.

At the end of the Term, our school community will come together to share and celebrate the student’s work. In 2020 this celebration will be held at the Dromana Drive-In! It will certainly be something exciting for us all to look forward to.

What is involved for my child?


Each child is working with their classmates to prepare and perform a part of our story. This might in the form of a dance, musical item or acting


Woodleigh School celebrated Arts Week, October 18 - 23. Students were given opportunities throughout to be active audience members and participate in workshops.


Put the date in your diary so you are there to share in your child’s learning. Monday 7 December, time to be confirmed.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via reception at

The children are already very excited!