Counting our Classroom Blessings – Year 5 Term 1 2022

As the weather begins to change and we find ourselves enveloped in Autumn, we are counting our blessings after successfully returning to the classroom for the longest continuous period since 2019. We have settled into new, regular routines and have been exploring how to manage our learning and collaborate with others in the classroom and across the globe. Below is a taste of life in Year 5 during Term 1, 2022.

Homework (self)

A feature of this term has been the resumption of a regular homework routine. We thank you for supporting the students in managing their time when they are at home. With each new task, students have reflected on their work, taken on feedback and striven to improve the quality of their work for the next task. These are all important skills as they work towards independent study and learning. We have attached a few highlights from the submissions this term.

Homestead Community (others/collaboration)

Throughout this term we have relished the opportunity to establish and build community connections within the Homestead. Students have been working together, sharing their learning and reflecting on what values are important as a 5/6 community.

Reading Groups

We have worked in small groups across Years 5 and 6 to determine the author's purpose, main idea and language features of a variety of texts and genres. In these groups, students have also engaged in rich discussions about how we make inferences using prior knowledge and text clues. They have linked these skills back to their units of inquiry on ecosystems and their literacy studies of persuasive writing.

Problem Solving

We introduced the Year 5 students to the Australian Primary School Math's Olympiad (APSMO). Some students have decided to compete in a 5/6 Minimbah APSMO team to challenge themselves against other schools to solve problems and earn points for their team. Other students have elected to participate in a Maths Game Problem Solving challenge, which is run in the Homestead, while some chose more targeted problem-solving skill development.

5/6 Sport

It has been wonderful to see the students participating in house teams in weekly sports activities on a Friday morning. The pool has been a regular feature, with students enjoying the water activities in the warmer weather. They have been challenged to take risks in their sport choices and when working with less familiar teammates, which has strengthened friendships and their ability to work collaboratively.


A small group of Year 3-6 students travelled to Ballam Park on Friday 1 April to compete in the District Track Athletics Carnival. A big congratulations must go to the students for their comradery, self-management, and support of each other and the other schools who participated on the day. It was a wonderful day with many personal best performances and an overall second place for Minimbah.

Homestead Sessions

Over the term, we have conducted weekly Homestead sessions, which have provided fantastic opportunities for the students to celebrate and reflect on their learning. Each Homestead session has had a learner profile attribute focus where the students identified common and shared values to challenge and extend their learning, their respect for self, others, and the environment.


Activities have been a prominent feature of this term, with students engaging in areas of personal interest and challenging themselves to take risks with their learning. During this last week of term, we will be reflecting on the skills that have been developed and the personal growth made throughout the sessions. Please enjoy a few photos of students in their element from the activity groups.

STP (Wider Community / Environment / World Around Us)

After so much time over the past two years working individually, we are acutely aware of the need to develop and strengthen collaboration and teamwork skills. We had the opportunity to do just that during our virtual exchange with students from the Royal British International School in Bangkok. Despite some occasional technical difficulties, our students used Microsoft Teams as a digital collaboration tool to develop small-group presentations that were then shared with their partners in Thailand. Using 'split-screen' thinking, we were able to identify what we were doing (working in PowerPoint and Teams) and break down HOW we were working (collaboration, research, demonstrating respect for others, comparing and contrasting global perspectives). Attached are some photos showing our groups engaged in their Zoom calls to Thailand.

Looking Ahead

As we head into Term 2, we are very excited to be jumping into a new Unit of Inquiry to explore the development of a business, as well as the associated advertising and marketing requirements. Who knows what student-led initiatives will arise as a result of this investigation?

Year 5 Teachers