Cocoon Update

We concluded our year in the Cocoon with a beautiful celebration that fitted in perfectly with our unit of inquiry, "How We Express Ourselves." The children created their very own Christmas performance. They chose their characters, costumes and collaboratively developed a storyline filled with drama, mystery, a wedding and of course a Christmas celebration." Unlike other years our performance was not to be live. Instead, we took the film and made a recording. The final product came together wonderfully, and the children were incredibly proud to share their performance with their parents and family over a zoom party.

Christmas reflections - St Nicholas and Santa  

With Christmas not far away, the excitement has been building. We took some time to explore other celebrations from around the world at this time of year. One of which is St Nikolaus day celebrated in European countries on December 5th.   Isla and her family celebrate St Nick's Day, and her mother, Tanya, kindly offered to share a story in German with us via zoom.   The children enjoyed listening to the story and learning about some of the traditions of  St. Nikolaus Day. It included cleaning our boots and leaving them out for him to find, along with a letter for St Nick. This learning experience also allowed us to discuss what we do at Christmas with our loved ones and why we have Christmas.  

"St Nick puts gifts in the gumboots, and Santa puts them under a tree." Maya  

"They do different jobs." Isla  

"I know Santa has a beard and hat." Shreya  

"Santa is big and has a big tummy, he gives his presents, but I don't know why?" Theo  

"I know Santa delivers presents. I think Santa came to the world before people came, and he was waiting for people to come to deliver his presents." Hughie   

"Is St Nick like Santa? Does he make all the things and gives them away? I think Santa does this because he wants kids to have lots of toys." Charlie  

"Grown-ups don't play with toys, so they don't get presents. My mum and dad don't." Maya  

"At Christmas, you can show respect by being kind to others." Jack. B

"You can take care of people and show them love." Lara  

"We get presents, and you can give presents." Hunter

"We have a celebration!" Hughie  

Orientation to Foundation  

Over the past few weeks, the children have been participating in their orientation for Foundation. We had lots of excited children who happily shared their experience of being in a big school.  

Lachlan T: "They have a pretend kitchen, and it's more fun than the one here because it has a coffee maker and lots of pretend food."  

Amelie: "We played Lego, and they have a Lego ambulance truck and Lego mermaids."  

Maya: "There were circles and lines, and you had to connect the elastic bands to the others. It was easy to do. "

Hughie: "I enjoyed playing in the kitchen."

Brandon: "I liked playing with the dinosaurs and the rubber and thing. You can make patterns. "

Byron: "I enjoyed playing with the crocodile the snake. The snake gets swallowed up by the crocodile, then you tip it upside down, and it comes out. "

Jack. B: "There was a giant spider there, but it was a toy."

Scarlett: "I played with playdough a lot, and I made a new friend."

Hunter: "I went once for practice, and my mum only picked me up at 11. We had to make the green sheep." 

Barney: "It was only short, and we had to find green sheep. I meet eight new friends as there only a few people here."  

Lara:" We played with the doll. I love Mrs. Wishart."   

Theo: "Mrs. Wishart gave me a hug."  

Harper: "There were these buzzy bees."  

Jack. G: "The room was good. I played with the mazes."  

Charlie: "I played with some rubber bands and with some animals."  


Our final day at the creek was a day of giving back. After almost a year of playing and learning in the country and receiving so much from the land, we decided to show our appreciation through gardening. Recently the children have enjoyed cleaning up the creek and removing weeds for the wildlife and environment to thrive. So, it was only fitting that we assisted with the creek environment through planting. We were very fortunate to receive a donation of Indigenous Native seedlings from Mark and Pilar Jackson (Maya's parents) and their Southern Advanced Plants company. Maya was very proud to lead the planting and shared with us her knowledge. Several children also had some gardening experience to share.  

"You need to tickle the roots." Maya    

"The plants will need water." Charlie 

"You can use this tool to help dig a hole to put the plant in." Brandon  

"I can't wait to see how much my plant has grown." Billie  

Thank you to all our gorgeous Cocoon families l for your fantastic support throughout this year. It has been a year none of us could have predicted, but every one of you provided an amazingly supportive environment for your child to play, grow, and learn.  

Thank you for entrusting us with your child and their preschool education. It is such an important year filled with so many remarkable developments.  
It has been an absolute privilege to be part of your child's life, and this year, especially your family's life (via zoom). Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigated our way on a new platform for learning and supporting your child with all things ICT.  
We also appreciated your support as we worked within restrictions back onsite. We understand how difficult it has been not to be in the centre and physically see your child in the program. It did, however, highlight the children's independence and remarkable resilience.  

Finally, we thank you for all your gifts and well wishes for the year. We were overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and adore our Indigenous outfits.  
We wish every one of you an excellent, safe, and enjoyable holiday break. We hope that 2021 brings good health, happiness, and plenty of social interactions!  
Take care and have a magical Christmas!