Cocoon Update

We are all thrilled to be back together in the ECC again. Last Tuesday was our first day for Term 4, and we were so proud of the children as they settled nicely back into our daily routines. Over the next few weeks, we plan to revisit our ‘Who we are’ unit of inquiry, looking back over our classroom agreement, Woodleigh’s 3 R’s, and our overall wellbeing.

Who we are, Zones of Regulation.

During one of our morning meetings last week, we used our ‘Zone of Regulations’ to reflect on how we were feeling back at Minimbah after such a long time.

The zones of regulation provide a visual tool that the children can refer to, to help them express and name their emotions.

Isla- “Green is happy and calm.”
Theo- “Yellow is when you feel silly.”
Maya- “It’s also excited.”
Amelie- “It can be nervous too.”
Noah- “When I feel angry in the red zone, I need a rest.”
Scarlett- “I need food. “
Theo- “Blue is Sad. “
Hughie- “I like being back in the sandpit. It makes me feel happy.”
Scarlett- “I’m in the green zone. I’m happy to see all my friends. I was sad this morning because I didn’t get to kiss mummy.”
Amelie- “I’m sad because my sisters are still at home.”
Shreya- “I feel like shouting. I’m excited because I’m back.”
Jack. B- “I’m happy because I’m having a nice time.”
Harper- “I’m in the green zone. I’m happy to see Charlotte. “

“Children learn to interact with others with care, empathy, and respect.” VEYLDF Identity. 

Sharing our stories

In line with our fortnightly theme’ Story’ from Dr. Arne Rubinstein from the ‘Rites of passage Institute,’ we asked the children what they enjoyed during our Continuous learning Plan.

Maya- “The small group and playing with one person.”
Theo- “I liked coming in and could still see my friends on the iPad.”
Sid- “Playing with my brothers and doing the iPad with dad.”
Amelie- “I could still see my friends on the iPad, and I liked telling them what I was thinking in my brain.”
Billie- “Seeing Amelie on the iPad.”
Kai- “Doing things with mum like making paper planes.”
Isla- “because we still get to see our friends and learn.”
Noah- “Playing at home and seeing my friends.”
Jack. G- “I got to Play with Lara and do things with Kellie and Milly.”
Byron- “I liked learning things at home and staying at my lovely house.”
Lara- “I liked seeing my friends. I had some really nice days.”
Shreya- “I liked seeing Emma and my friends.”
Scarlett- “Seeing friends on the computer, my brother was home too.”
Charlie- “Having more space than home and having fewer friends in the small group.”
Barney- “I liked seeing some friends and seeing Brandon on the computer.”
Hunter- “I like doing yoga at home and games with my parents.”
Lachlan- “There were not many people here. It was peaceful and quiet.”
Hughie- “I got to play outside and have fun. Daddy put a lid on top of the trailer and mace a ramp for my bike.”
Charlotte- “Being with my family and having a birthday at home, it was amazing. Emma gave you stuff to do, and once it was done, I was with my family.”
Harper- “Playing with Brodie, roller skating at home, and seeing my friends on the iPad.”
Brandon- “I liked making bubbles and the activities and being with Eadie and Cooper.
Jack. B- “We are reflective. We thoughtfully consider the world and our ideas and experiences.”

IB Learner profile.

Is there more than one Bunjil? 

Has our creek changed? 

Last Thursday was our first week back at the creek for over eight weeks. We were very eager to get down the creek and see how it had changed and grown since we last visited. 

We also recognised that this was the most extended period that the creek had been left without human contact. We were interested to see the impact on the environment of being left and able to grow without human contact.  

“The water was full today.” Noah
“The water was more good. It was deep.” Harper
“I liked seeing all the beautiful birds.” Lara
“There was grass on the other side.” Charlotte
“There is lots of leaves because it is spring.” Charlie
“There is so much clay.” Brandon 

Children become socially responsible and show respect for the environment. VEYLDF Community.

New families to the Cocoon

We are also excited to welcome two new students to the Cocoon group.

Jack and his family have joined the Woodleigh community, moving to the Peninsula from town. At the same time, Lachlan and his family have travelled from overseas to join us.

We wish them all an excellent transition to Minimbah and a fabulous Term 4.

Information on Transitioning to School

It may seem a long way off, but as your child progresses through this year, planning for a positive start to school to support your child’s learning and development continuity is essential.

To make sharing information between you, services, and your child’s future school easier, a Transition Learning and Development Statement (TLDS) will be written about your child. The TLDS will summarise your child’s interests, skills, and abilities. Emma will also include specific ideas and strategies to tell your child’s future school more about how your child learns and how the school can help your child settle into school.

Throughout this Term, Emma will be working on the TLDS. She and the other educators will be making further observations of your child’s engagement in the program and assessments for development and learning to assist with the statements.

You will soon be invited to add your ideas about your child in a section of the TLDS. Your contribution to your child’s TLDS is highly valued and will help the school get to know you and your child.

If you would like to discuss using the TLDS to share information about your child or the use of the online Insight Assessment Platform, please contact either Emma or Lisa to make an appointment via Zoom.