Cocoon Update

A Celebration of Learning!

“Your off to great places! Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.” (Dr Suess)

Transformation is a process of change and is a concept that beautifully represents the growth, development and learning that all The Cocoon children have had over the year. We celebrate this transformation process in many ways as we close out our year together, celebrate our achievements and look forward to what is to come.

The following poem that we share in the Cocoon group reflects this sense of growth and transformation over time.

“Imagine a butterfly in a cocoon. Imagine the change that takes place over a period of time within this cocoon. Upon the right timing of the season, a stirring occurs within the heart of the cocoon. The growth continues finally to fly and explore the world.”

(An extract from The bridge to Tomorrow by Chrisolla)

This year, we have witnessed many moments that have shaped the children’s learning—learning about yourself as an individual and about yourself in your relationship with others.

Identity and knowing yourself

We invited the children to reflect on who they are and asked them a series of questions. Some of the responses were.

What is special about you?

“I know a lot about sea creatures like sharks and stingrays. I watch documentaries.” Lewis

“I like to draw rainbows, and I like trams and choo choo trains.” James

“I do Lego all the time. I am really good. I keep building, and I keep learning.” Kai G

“I am good at making new friends, and I play so much.” Felix

What can you do well?

“I am really good at arts and crafts. I like drawing people.” Sophie

“I can balance on one foot for 20 seconds.” Riley

“Making things. First I draw, and then I cut it out.” Christopher

“Climb trees and resting.” Luca

“Children develop knowledgeable and confident self-identities when they feel recognised and respected for who they are. Learning in all children is promoted through a strong sense of who they are and their connectedness to others.”Early Years Learning and Developmental Framework.

Our ECC Assembly

Recently, it was our time to present a Minimbah assembly. We wondered what we might do and how best to reflect our learning over the year. Our PYP Unit of Inquiry-How we express ourselves inspired us to think about storytelling through different languages; the creative arts, performance, song, dance and oral storytelling. After a shared discussion during our morning meeting, the creek was chosen as the place to imagine our story.

Our Creek Story

“We could say once upon a time some children were splashing in muddy puddles.”Kai G

“The children were splashing in the water.” Harriet

“They made some mud balls.” Olivia

“And some mud pies.” Edie

“They played the whole day long!” James

“And then the children went to a tree and climbed on the tree.” Fletcher

“And then played and played on the tree.” Felix

“They could see some tadpoles.” Jordyn

“It could be nighttime, and they were still playing! We could go to the fire pit and put the fire on.” KaiG

“In the night sky, you could see a shooting star.” Jordyn

“There’s only two shooting stars that come once a week.” James

“Maybe we could go camping.” Connie

“And roast marshmallows.” Lewis

If it was nighttime, what would it be like at the creek?

“They could see nocturnal animals.” Olivia

“They couldn’t see at nighttime. There are no lights in the trees.” Jordyn

“The children just have to go to bed.” Jack

“They could see the moon and have a rest bed.” Harriet

“And some stars too!” Jack

A story was born, “Night-time at the Creek.” The children embraced the opportunity to work together and share their stories with the whole school community. When Santa surprised us with a visit after assembly, there was such excitement. We were all so grateful to be together to share these moments of celebration


We have been exploring the meaning of Christmas, sharing stories, making sustainable decorations, creating cards and designing our traditional Christmas stockings. We invited the children to share their understandings of the meaning of Christmas.

“We celebrate with friends and grownups. We get lollies and set the table. Poppy comes over.” Eli

“My Mum and Dad get something. We have pudding with strawberries. I really love it.” Connie

“You put your stocking up.” Edie

“I put up special decorations and lights.” Olivia

“You hang up a stocking, and Santa puts things inside.” Jordyn

“We have fun the whole day.” James

“You spend time with your family, day and night.” Harriet

“You get presents.” Penelope

“You can stay up late to see Santa.” Christopher

“I’ve seen Santa. He has a big beard. He wears a red coat and a bit of white.” Luca

“Santa is magic.” Riley

“You get milk, cookies and mince pies for Santa and oats and glitter for the reindeers that give them power.” Kai F

We wish all our Cocoon families a very Merry Christmas and a restful holiday break.

Thank you from our hearts for all your support, kindness, understanding and participation throughout the year. Most of all, thank you for entrusting us with your beautiful children.