City Bound Speech – Nikki Sartori


"A state of being friends or having a friendly relationship with one another."

City Bound: 

"A program in which Year 9 students are to create a hypothesis about the city and research about it, uncovering their topic."

Coming back into the school after my extended month away in the USA and going into Humanities while being thrown into the City Bound project was a challenge in itself. I didn't quite know the people in my group well and it was going to be something that was out of my comfort zone from the start all the way to the end. Having an open mindset instead of a fixated mindset was what allowed me to be where I am right now, standing up here talking to you all about what friendship and City Bound means to me.

Now looking back on how far I have come with my group I am proud to say not only the work that we have accomplished as a group is amazing but every single group that has put in hours of effort and work to put on this presentation for you all. Being in an environment where our class has learnt to cooperate and work together over the course of Semester 1 has taught us to think before we speak and share our ideas with the group. City Bound has enforced skills like teamwork and leadership which are by far two of the biggest skillsets that I know I have come to use every day here in the city environment. I hope this just captures the idea of how City Bound has been for not only myself, but my class and your kids. I wouldn't trade my City Bound experience for another. I have learnt that teamwork and friendship is what carries us through the way.

On the behalf of us all in the Federation group we sincerely look forward to sharing our findings with you all tonight.

Nikki Sartori
Year 9