City Bound Speech – Joven Gill


​During City Bound and focusing on the rich task question "does Melbourne's art and architecture reflect its multi-culturalism", I found that Melbourne is heavily influenced by European culture and has parts where other cultures such as Asia play a big role in the Melbourne you see around you.

Different cultures effect the buildings in Melbourne and the art in galleries, giving people a brief stereotype of Melbourne from what they first see. We had an interview with Jackson Clement Burrows Architects, two key things I took away from the interview were; all art can be seen as positive or negative it depends on the view of the individual. Another key thing they told us that in some areas in Melbourne it's the cultural practice that goes on in the building not the actual building itself. An example of this is China town, it's the decoration of the area that gives the cultural effect not the actual building. Which gave me a completely different way to look at our topic. Reflecting back to my individual work, I am proud of the effort I put in during City Bound, I tried to help as much as I could with the text information. I learnt that once you start feeling a mix pressure and tiredness it makes it slightly harder to cooperate as a group, slowing the group down and slowing yourself down. I feel like we could have improved our organisation and presentation. We had our ups and downs and we managed to get our heads in at the end and finish all of the work.

I have got a different view of the city, learning how the flow of the pedestrian traffic works and the privacy of others. Most people in the city have a closed mind set and don't take or have the time to realise the beautiful place they are in. They are just worried about their busy work life, not taking in what's around them. Referring back to  City Bound and relating it to a busy business person, I had a little taste of the time management they have to deal with. Making sure you are at certain place at certain time. Rushing things and just focusing on getting from a to b.

I'd like to leave you with the poem/song lyrics I wrote for my individual task but I have added a little bit more.

Living life, seeing the world blind
Got an independent business mind
The revolution has arrived
Chasing money in the city of crime
You can search but you'll never find
Just Take your time
Go like I never seen a red-light shine
Don't press ya luck when I'm pressed for time
Get caught by jacks and that's a fine
Smoke overtaking my airtime
I'm just here to have a good time
I don't think anyone show they face
'cause they lookin' at their phones they in outer space
But if they look up then they'll see we're in a beautiful place 
I know it's seen better days
This is no trial, this is a closed case
Got me thinking bout better days
My vision full of haze
Yeah I know we in a beautiful place
Yeah the city is a maze, 
Full of different faces
But once the smoke clears, you right back where you was 
Trying to move forward though it never stops
I know it's seen better days 
This is the place we call home
Born alone work alone die alone 
You gotta learn to walk on your own

Joven Gill
Year 9