Changes to the Junior Campus CLP

As you would be aware, the recent spike with the spread of COVID-19 in Victoria has meant that most of our Junior Campus students have needed to return to remote learning at the start of Term 3. Fortunately, our community's hard work during Term 2 has paid off, with this transition supported through a well-documented plan, clear guidelines for teaching and learning, and easy access resources. With the foundations for our approach to remote learning securely in place, the school has taken the opportunity to introduce some changes to the Weekly Schedule for students in our Junior Campuses. These actions have been informed by the insights gathered from students, teachers, and parents through our series of surveys in Term 2 and more general feedback.

The main changes for the start of Term 3 include:

  • Live morning check-in: introducing a live check-in at the beginning of the day to support an increased focus on pastoral care and improve scheduling for specialist classes.
  • Optional pre-lunch check-in: the introduction of dedicated time for parents to check-in with teachers before the lunch break, as a way of supporting communication and offering further guidance for the extended inquiry sessions in the afternoon, if and as required.
  • Improved scheduling for morning workshops: while small group workshops were a feature of the CLP in Term 2, the allocated time slot for these sessions has been made more explicit to support clarity and consistency with engagement

Further detail about our Junior Campus students' weekly schedule can be found in the weekly overviews provided by classroom teachers. These documents include information about the focus areas for learning each week and an overview of the scheduled live lessons. It is essential to read the weekly summaries provided by our classroom teachers. They will adapt the duration and groupings for sessions to support student needs and their learning design for lessons. The overviews also contain an overview of the independent learning tasks set for the week on Seesaw.

As outlined in the article on our use of pulse surveys in this newsletter, the school will continue to gather feedback from students, teachers, and parents around the CLP's operation and impact on student learning in the weeks ahead. We will use the insights gathered to revise, fine-tune, and adapt our practice as required. As a reminder, Woodleigh's Continuous Learning website contains the most up-to-date information about our plan for remote learning and resource pages to support family well-being and online access.

Director of Learning, Strategy, and Innovation