Celebrating the Class of 2018

In celebrating the class of 2018, we celebrate students who, in Jack Hall’s words, “challenge boundaries; see obstacles as opportunities; see the world not as an object of someone else’s design but a deeply fulfilling journey of self-discovery, that is theirs for the taking.”

They are deep thinkers, hard workers who have each other’s backs. As Liv Mauerhofer said, “Community has always been something that Woodleigh has fostered to connect each and every one of us. From programs within Homestead, to Outward Bound, Hattah, the Indigenous and International exchanges and the Homework and Learning Club. These not only nurture this sense of community, but a global awareness and inherent respect for others.”

2018 Woodleigh Prize Winners (LtoR):
Jack Hall, Liv Mauerhofer and Amy Youngman with Director of Senior Homestead, Laurent Julicher and Jonathan Walter, Principal.

The maturity with which our students face the world is something that sets Woodleigh students apart. As Amy Youngman reminded us last night, “Woodleigh has helped develop the values of awareness, empathy, resilience and respect. Tools that equip us well and will no doubt be put into action for our many life paths and choices ahead.”

2018 Faculty Prize Winners (LtoR):
Oly Bugg – Arts Faculty (shared), Remi Chynoweth – Arts Faculty (shared) and LOTE Faculty, Jacob Plummer – Humanities Faculty, Ruby Crofts – Maths and Science Faculties, Jonathan Walter – Principal, Amy Youngman – Personal Development Faculty, Jack Hall – English Faculty, David Burton – Deputy Principal, Head of Senior Campus 

Congratulations to the Class of 2018. May your individual journeys be exciting, challenging and fulfilling. The past six years at Woodleigh, developing, growing and learning have led you to this moment, you can now take on the world, confident in your own strength and skills.

Adam Liddiard – Director of Community Relations  with thanks to Woodleigh Prize Winners Jack Hall, Liv Mauerhofer and Amy Youngman

2018 Principal's Award Winners (LtoR):
Jonathan Walter – Principal, Isaac Yeong, Adelaide Robertson, Tom Poyser, Lachlan Evenden, Ruby Crofts, David Burton – Deputy Principal, Head of Senior Campus, Sarah Claxton-Vicars, Oly Bugg, Cas Baptist