Camp Reflection

"A constant noise, recognisable to many; hammer to peg, peg to ground—a tent on the grass, waiting for completion. Much laughter to be spread, but work to be done. A make-shift village, rising from the very ground on which I stand. A moment to step back, to reap the rewards of our hard work. Positivity and excitement in the air. 

I sit on the soft, powdery sand, their minuscule size and infinite number hard to comprehend. I watch the waves crash against the shore, smothering the beachline with whitewash, but no, that won’t stop me. Grabbing the board, I wade through the shallows and make my way to the ominous deep, dark water, and then for a moment, everything stops, like the world around me has gone to sleep. For a short time, there was peace - this only leads to the unexpected board flipping, blasting me back to life in a torrent of white water.

History. More specifically, Maritime. Old tales of the sea. Machinery at work. A passion for the ocean. Mysterious, filled with life. The unknown lies ahead, waiting to be discovered. A thought. Curiosity. Temptation. Risk. Lots of risks.

With a click from the cooker and sizzle from the pan, dinner is something to look forward to. Mouth-watering aromas begin to fill the air, much joy to be spread, and compliments about meals to be shared. Delicacies from Japan, classics from France, and unique flavours from all around the world - the international cooking night was a blast.

Homestead 6 - Ocean Grove 2021 – adventure, challenge, resilience, and respect - friendships strengthened and new connections forged, memories of which will last forever."

Joshua L Year 8