Cambodian Fundraiser – Friday 22 November 7.30pm

Bring your friends and family along to a night of live music performed by Woodleigh students and enjoy a traditional Khmer dinner!

Tickets $20 with dinner • $10 for bands only

All funds raised on the night will be donated to Chumkriel Language School – Kampot, Cambodia.


Woodleigh School & Chumkriel Language School, Cambodia, Communities in Partnership 2018

Woodleigh offers so many amazing, once in a lifetime opportunities, that not many other schools do. Since Year 9 I have been fully focused on one, the trip to Cambodia. Eleven students and I were luckily accepted to be the participants in the 2019 trip during Broadening Horizons, and it sure lived up to all expectations. Going on these camps is a big commitment by both our parents and the teachers who volunteer their time to look after us unruly teenagers, however, it is all worth it. Accompanying us were Ms. Kaindel, Ms. Holt and Mr. Adams.

When I came home and was asked all about my trip I struggled to answer, because honestly, it’s hard to describe. It’s hard to describe the feeling when the kids run up, all with big grins and hugs, it’s hard to describe the feeling of watching the kids implement everything you taught them in their assemblies, however, it’s not hard to describe the teary faces when we had to leave. The people in Cambodia had so much love and acceptance for us, you can hardly tell that not so long ago the country was under the Pol Pot regime, now everyone is so happy and trying to live their best life. 

Our days were filled with long hours at school teaching, working in the garden or helping program the new laptops donated by Woodleigh. Day in - day out, the experience, although fulfilling, could get extremely exhausting. Luckily for us the teachers planned a weekend getaway in beautiful Kep to relax and destress (crashing in our rooms during lunch also helped).

Looking back, it’s amazing to think how much the kids there want to learn, even the most grateful of us at Woodleigh will groan about having to go to school, whereas in Kampot they are so enthusiastic for every opportunity that life gives them. It’s an eye-opening experience and every time Year 12 gets hard I just think back to Chumkriel and how lucky I am for the life I have. The Cambodia trip is really a once in a lifetime trip (as cheesy as that is) it’s built on a relationship built between the schools that dates back to 2007. I’m proud to say that after six years at Woodleigh, I believe I have tried lots of opportunities that our school offers, from sports to music, Arts camps to adventure, but at the end of all that, if I were to recommend one experience to try…it would far and away be the Cambodia trip!

Gabby Stocker Y12