Business Studies – Nikki Sartori

During Semester 1, Business Studies students have been drafting a business plan for their final assessment. 


Growing up I had a strong passion for playing sports and spending my time outdoors. I never read into the way I was eating until I realized I would need to fuel my body with more rich plant-based nutrients for the amount of sport I was participating in.

As young girls become older the social standards that they face take a big toll on their mentality towards sport and eating healthy. I strive to create a safe platform that encourages young girls to feel healthier and happier in their own skin, without feeling pressured to live up to unrealistic expectations for themselves. 

As I've spent years discovering what the best tips & tricks are for working out and eating healthy, I want to share them with you all! Become lean, toned and fit.

Eating healthy has put me in a positive mindset as it correlates with the amount of gym and sport I do. Join me and hundreds of girls on millions of different journeys. I look forward to seeing your progress!

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Nikki Sartori
Year 9