Buffalo Adventures Camp

Mt Buffalo was such a beautiful place to camp. Over the week, all of us experienced such an amazing array of activities, including rock climbing, abseiling, and my personal favourite, caving.

Caving was completely different to anything I had previously experienced and expected. Instead of a dirty walk through a damp hole, we had to squeeze and wade and climb through tight gaps and crevices, following an underground river, and we even got to see glow worms that exist nowhere else in the world.

Over the course of the week, everyone really got to know each other, and friendships were strengthened and formed. All in all, it was a once in a lifetime experience.

Rupert O'Neill Y12

Buffalo was massive.

When it came to Rory facing his fears, Hugo smashing it in high-intensity camouflage, Harry and Jed and their Rubix cube prowess and George and his epic dance moves – it was so massive.

Never-ending hills and rolling in culture and knowledge. Impossible heights and striking cliff edges. Held together with nonchalant instructors hanging on cliff edges and holding on for our lives on ropes.

Buffalo has been impossible to forget… and I'm sure it will be a massive joy to remember.

Gemma Churchill Y11