Broadening Horizons Information Night 2022

Woodleigh's Broadening Horizons Program is open to students in Years 10 and 11. It provides students with a real-world experience, enabling them to develop a real understanding and unique educational experiences that are tailored to developing relationships.

Students who attend our Broadening Horizons Program will:

  • Develop greater awareness and understanding of global issues
  • Gain attention to life outside of the safe and secure environment of the Mornington Peninsula
  • Practical opportunities to further develop independence, resilience, and initiative in more challenging environments
  • Experience and be inspired by how individuals can make a difference
  • Develop life skills through experiences that will require courage, generosity, imagination, and resolution
  • Tangible ways to embrace the importance of service to others, global responsibilities, and cultural understandings
  • An opportunity to co-develop projects and tackle global issues
  • Challenge and confront tokenism and the belief in the superiority
  • Foster understanding, goodwill, respect, and friendship

Intercultural Opportunities

  • Cambodia Partnership
  • French Cultural Visit
  • Round Square School Visits

Students are required to register their interest and we look forward to sharing this real-world experience with the selected Year 10 and 11 students.