Britt's Prep Group

Term 4 is a wonderful time to celebrate our little people. It’s a time to reflect on the growth and development of your child and be proud of all they have achieved this year. As we start looking ahead, we are beginning to prepare for our end of year celebration. It’s called the Penbank Finale and fits perfectly with our next unit of inquiry.

The Preps have started inquiring into the role of storytelling through dramatic play, music, art and dance. We have been exploring the structure of stories by investigating characters, settings, plots, and story sequencing. The learning environments in the classroom encourage the children to explore characters and settings, acting, performances, storytelling, writing, illustrating and sensory play. It’s a wonderful unit to encourage creative writing and inventive spelling as they apply their knowledge of phonograms learned throughout the year.

The children have started creating a class story about the animals found at Penbank. They have worked collaboratively to create story illustrations and written the story as a class. We can’t wait to share our finished story with you all at the end of year Finale!

In maths we have worked hard all year on counting, place value, addition and subtraction concepts. With great foundational skills, the Preps have now joined children across Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 for weekly maths problem solving sessions. This gives the children the opportunity to work and build relationships with different children and teachers. These sessions provide open ended problems and use a range of different strategies to show and record their processes and thinking. This is a great opportunity to develop new connections as the children start getting ready for Year 1.

Have a great term!

Prep Teacher