Brian Henderson Wildlife Reserve

The Reserve was gifted six new Rufous Bettong from the Yarra Valley Nocturnal Zoo in Mt Evelyn on Tuesday 3 November. Two males, two females, one with a daughter joey at foot and another female with a developing joey in the pouch. We have given them two female Brush-tailed Rock Wallabies in return, and I am currently trapping to get them four more so that they also have a breeding colony for their Zoo.

The new RB's are reasonably tame and like to interact with humans. They will be a great addition to the Reserve, and I hope that our students get to spend lots of time with them over the coming months and years. The only danger for them is our local raptors. We did have a pretty settled population this time last year, but all have been taken by Eagles, Goshawks, and Owls over the summer and autumn.

The pair in these photos are mother and daughter. They travelled in separate pet packs. It was lovely to watch them seek each other out after release and then move about the enclosure exploring together

Director of the Brian Henderson Reserve