Big Sleep Out

On Thursday, June 10, I’m running a Big Sleep Out at the senior campus. Designed to give students and teachers a hint of what it would be like to be homeless.

We will walk over to the Baxter shops on the day after school and buy soap, deodorant, and sanitary products, for donating. 

We will have two guest speakers on the night, from Anglicare and the Salvation Army, giving us an insight into homelessness. With statistics and stories will hopefully give everyone a better understanding of homelessness. We will be having soup for dinner.  

We want everyone to understand the struggles homeless people face, especially the cold and hunger. Later we will watch a movie that centres around homelessness and then sleep on the ground outside. All items that we use to sleep on will then be donated along with the things we bought. I hope to collect donations leading up to the Sleep Out. If you would like to contribute, please contact us, and if you would like to sign-up and join us for the Big Sleep Out, please find sign-up sheets in each homestead. 

Raia Flinos Y12