Bayside District Winter Sport

During term 2 all students in years 5 and 6 competed in a round-robin fixture and lightning premiership day against local primary schools focusing on Winter Team Sports; Australian Rules Football, Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, Girls Netball, and Boys/Mixed Netball. The round-robin games are played on a Friday morning while the lightning premiership was a whole day competition involving 12 schools, held on Wednesday 7 June.

Match Results – Bayside District Round Robin Competition

Round 1: Friday 26 May – Woodleigh vs Frankston PS

Football Woodleigh 5.8.38 defeated Frankston 5.1.31

Girls Soccer Woodleigh 5 defeated Frankston PS 2

Boys Soccer Woodleigh 0 drew with Frankston PS 0

Girls Netball Woodleigh 13 defeated Frankston PS 4

Mixed Netball Woodleigh 3 were defeated by Frankston PS 9

Round 2: Friday 2 June – Woodleigh vs Ballam Park PS

Football Woodleigh 5.8.28 defeated Ballam Park PS 5.1.31

Girls Soccer Woodleigh 11 defeated Ballam Park PS 1

Boys Soccer Woodleigh 1 defeated Ballam Park PS 0

Girls Netball Woodleigh 26 defeated Ballam Park PS 2

Mixed Netball Woodleigh 21 defeated Ballam Park PS 1

Round 3: Friday 16 June – Woodleigh vs Bayside Christian College

Football Woodleigh 1.2.8 were defeated by Bayside CC 4.8.32

Girls Soccer Woodleigh 6 defeated Bayside CC 0

Boys Soccer Woodleigh 0 drew with Bayside CC 0

Girls Netball Woodleigh 18 defeated Bayside CC 3

Mixed Netball Woodleigh 12 defeated Bayside CC 7

Bayside District Lightning Premiership Competition Results

Football Division 2 Premiers and fourth place in District

Girls Soccer Division 2 Premiers and District Premiers

Boys Soccer Runners up in Division 2 and seventh place in District

Girls Netball Division 2 Premiers and third place in District

Mixed Netball Division 2 Premiers and third place in District

Congratulations to all teams, in particular, the Girls Soccer team who won the District Premiership thereby qualifying to play in the upcoming Peninsula Division Championships on July 21 in Mornington.

Good luck girls!

PE Teacher