Arty Market is back!

Clothes, haircuts, plants, ceramics, artwork, homewares, spices and baked treats (for humans, and for dogs): with over 70 stalls, there was something for everyone at this year’s Arty Market. With the youngest seller in Year 2, and the oldest a Woodleigh grandparent, there was also something BY everyone.

Sure, you can make and sell things online. But there’s something special about making something with your hands, in your bedroom or your dining table, and then bringing it to a real-life market. There’s the ideas, the planning, the branding, the build-up, the spruiking, the 1001 tiny decisions, and finally … sweet relief, as your product hits other people’s hands. And if the stars align, a tidy little profit as reward for going out on a limb.

Got an idea for a stall? Take a punt and be sure to sign up next year!