An updated IT space for all

IT4 and IT3 have had a mini makeover over the past few weeks, adding to the ongoing effort to encourage Woodleigh students to engage with technology and design. Posters featuring important women in STEM decorate the walls, and a new hydroponics unit lights up the space in IT4. New flexible seating has been introduced in IT3 to encourage collaboration and innovation, including whiteboard tables that students have well utilised to plan out their next big ideas. A compact but functional media lab with green screen and studio lighting has been added between the two classrooms for students to use in a variety of subjects.

The space has been a hive of activity over the past few weeks, with Year 7 and 8 students creating educational video games, custom game controllers and laser-cut 3D sculptures for their Design and Coding subjects. Additionally, a new lunchtime club has been launched for students to push their skills further outside of class time.

Year 7 Design Studio in IT4

Year 7 students have been flexing their creative muscles this term with a subject new to Woodleigh Senior Campus. Design Studio combines design principles and technology know-how to encourage problem-solving and divergent thinking. Every term, a new class of Year 7 students will learn how to prototype and create 3D forms, create digital illustrations to print on the laser cutter and solve design challenges using innovative circuitry and computing. The newly refurbished IT4 supports students to independently plan their solutions and try out technology like 3D printing, laser cutting, digital designing and physical prototyping.

Designs from left to right: Alby Moorhouse, Nicholas Mollett, Gracie Watson and Catherine Arthur Y7

Don't forget to join us at STEAM Club! Thursday lunchtimes in IT4.