‘Almost, Maine’ – Tickets Now On Sale

The cast and crew of this year’s senior production, ‘Almost, Maine’, are excited to be able to give you an update about the school play. We have achieved a great deal in just two months, and we are on track to film a version that can be screened (as a Covid backup). In addition to weekly rehearsals at lunchtimes and after school, students have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes. Traditionally, staff have been responsible for finding props, making and painting the set, making or sourcing costumes, and writing or arranging the music. In this production, we have set out to empower and mentor students to take on each of these roles.

Set and Props

Maya Stubbs Y10 has sourced all the set pieces and props, and in true Woodleigh style, the cast and crew all lent a hand in the last two weeks of term and had a lot of fun helping to paint everything.


Indra Stubbs Y10 has worked with staff and the cast to finalise the costumes needed for the show. She has left no stone unturned, sourcing snow boots, ski goggles, a moth-eaten jumper and a tatty old coat. A big thanks to Zoe Heffernen Y9 for lending us some of the more specialised snow gear.

Photoshop projected backdrop

Jake Aronleigh Y11 has sourced copyright-free images and manipulated them for the series of night sky and northern light projected backdrops. Emma Cleine has kindly supported this process, working in PhotoShop to enhance the snowy scene and vibrant light effects.


Carey Saunders and Kylie Stephenson have finalised the lighting design, creating the lighting states for each scene, ready for us to film.


Tommy Lewis Y11 has collected the majority of the sound effects for the show and is working with Anthony Bingham to create ambient bar noise for the ‘Sad and Glad’ scene.


The northern lights “Magical Moment” vocal music was composed partway through last term. The Hall Tech students recorded the student musicians and mixed the sound to create a magical motif.

Milly Evenden Y11 has worked incredibly hard as the Student Musical Director. She has used the weekly lunchtime music rehearsals to shape and polish the 14 pieces of music composed for the show. All the music is original and it features the incredible musical talents of Rani Jones Y9, Milla Lee Y9, Tabi Plummer Y10, and Tayla Basso Y12.

Milla Lee Y9 has also written the lyrics and melody to a very beautiful and catchy song, ‘Love You So’, that will be recorded in the next couple of weeks. Keep an ear out for it. It will be featured in an upcoming Messenger and will be able to be found on Woodleigh’s social media.

Amy White is creating a short montage of kisses (from film and television) that will be played each time a couple need to kiss in a scene. This allows the production to be COVID safe for the actors!

Adelie Marshall Y12 has almost completed the animated snow globe titles for each scene. These add an extra magical element to the play. Adelie has also created a fabulous short animation that we’ll use to promote the show later this term. Keep an eye out on social media for it.

This will be an uplifting performance that is rated PG, and we are excited to announce that tickets are now on sale! The students are incredibly proud of their work. Book your seats now and support live theatre.


Photos by Lou Lou Burton Y12