Almost, Maine – Progress Made

With rehearsals for Almost, Maine well on the way, the cast are busy preparing their lines and have started to rehearse. They meet with their scene partners at lunchtimes and every Thursday after school. When you watch our production, you will see all the hard work and effort that our cast has put in over the many months of rehearsals, but what you don’t see is the crew working extremely hard behind the scenes.

Woodleigh Drama Productions are almost entirely student-driven and run. For Almost, Maine, we have students working on our poster and hoodie design, costumes, lighting, filming, sound effects, original music, and marketing. One very big part of this production is the props. Luckily, we have an amazing props manager, Year 10 student, Maya Stubbs.

Maya has been working hard since rehearsals started. She has had to source unusual objects such as ice skates, vintage eskies and a snowball. Often props are one of the last things to be added to a show, but we need to source the props early, as we are planning to film the play next term as part of our COVID contingency plan. If we can’t perform Almost, Maine live, we will live stream the play.

Maya has spent a lot of time reading through the script to find out exactly what she needs to source for the show. Some of the props have been extremely hard to find, so Maya has had to use her imagination and develop ways to create them herself. One of the props that this production calls for is an oddly specific abstract painting, Maya was pushed out of her comfort zone creating this painting, but when you see the show, you’ll agree that she has done a stunning job.

This is what Maya had to say about being the Props Manager of Almost, Maine.

“I remember cautiously wandering into the first production meeting in the Drama Room at the end of last year. I jutted my hand up, over-enthusiastically, and blurted out questions about set and props… and before I knew it… BAM! just like that, I was handed the assignment of creating a painting for the show. The play called for a prop that had to be filled with texture, expression and gorgeous colour in a very specific modern style. The colours and textures clambered together, creating the perfect piece for the magnificent actors I had the privilege of working with.

I love making art… and I adore working in miniature. The tools I usually use to create my artworks consist of soft tip liners, 0.5 nib fine liners and detail brushes. However, for this brief, I was pushed way out of my comfort zone into the world of texture on canvas. I soon discovered the use of a palette knife required me to literally embrace the art of letting go.

My little journey tinkering, sanding and painting away on props has been time consuming, but also incredibly rewarding. I know that I have been able to make a significant contribution, sourcing and weaving together the eclectic pile of props needed for Almost, Maine.

Taking on the role of Props Manager meant I have had to be practical and also work really creatively. For example, I needed to work out how far to sand the styrene to make a snowball, and experiment with the right amount of glitter to recreate the reflective ice crystals that make snowballs so beautiful.

I’ve enjoyed every single second of helping out: creating, managing and contributing to making this production be the best it can. I can’t wait to see it all come together. Who knew that jutting your hand up awkwardly and blurting out incoherent words could result in such a fun endeavour?”

The cast and crew are excitedly working hard to bring this show to life.

Almost, Maine is due to be staged on the 24th and 25th of August 2022. Tickets will go on sale next term.

Publicity Officer
Maya Stubbs Y10
Props Manager