The entire Woodleigh School community have become overnight archery experts after watching Alec Potts (2013) became the first Woodleigh graduate to win a medal at the Olympic Games.

Alec’s bronze medal win in the Men’s Archery Team event came after he, together with Ryan Tyack and Taylor Worth, outpointed the Chinese team to take the match 6-2.

For staff, there was immense pride in watching the young man, who, as a senior student, would spend spare periods shooting arrow after arrow at a special ‘range’ built way back behind the wildlife reserve. We watched on as Alec, Ryan and Taylor performed on the biggest stage in world sport – focused, assured, and, pardon the pun, completely centred on the task at hand.

"I remember a few years ago, Alec shot a flaming arrow across the front of the Hall at an assembly – It had to be a flaming arrow, we weren’t going to be satisfied with your common, garden variety arrow…"

Tonight (Tuesday night) will be a late one with the individual elimination rounds beginning at 11pm, but win lose or draw, one thing is certain – at 20 years of age, this is just the beginning of a long international career, one which according to proud mum Shona, Alec will handle with aplomb. “That's the Woodleigh boy in him – that quiet confidence and belief that you can have a go and aim high and if you fall, it's just another step in the journey, not a stop – that's what Woodleigh has given both our kids.”

Best of luck to Alec and his fellow Australian Archery competitors.

Non-Olympics images taken from Woodleigh School's 40th anniversary publication 'Independent Thoughts.'

Photography by Amy Woodward. 2015

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