Activities Week: Student Reflections

Horse Riding in the High Country Camp.

Every morning we would get up early to pack our saddle bags, get ready and tack up our horses for the day while the frost was still clinging to the grass. We would ride throughout the day and see beautiful views of the Australian bush, and sometimes, if we got lucky, we would see animals like wombats, kangaroos, deer and kookaburras.

At the end of the day, before dusk engulfed our surroundings, we would make our way back and untack our horses, eat our dinner and spend the evening around the constant warmth of the roaring fire. Overall, this camp was an amazing experience.

Maalika Calarco – Year 8

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Contemporary Jewellery Camp

Participating in the Contemporary Jewellery camp surpassed my expectations in every way! The incredible organization by Mr. Butler and Mrs. Norman made for a great atmosphere, enabling us to explore numerous techniques and projects throughout the week. With the additional guidance of industry expert Chloe McColl, the quality of our work achieved something that would only be seen in the Pandora store!

I thrived during the lost wax investment project led by Chloe. Although most students created unique silver rings, I created a sterling silver pendant. This intricate process involved shaping, joining, and refining wax, which was then sent to be cast into a sterling silver piece. We then filed, sanded, and polished our returned products.

Remaining on the Woodleigh campus further enriched our experience, as we were able to socialise with the other school-based camps. In all, I recommend this camp for any passionate student keen on jewellery and the design process.

5 stars, would highly recommend – Barney Boadle

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Yarrawonga Golf Camp

Yarrawonga Golf Camp was a camp everyone could participate in and, for me, it was great because I got to see myself improve throughout the week, from being unable to hit the ball straight to successfully driving the ball decently far down the fairway. The improvement this camp had on my golfing skills was amazing. But this camp also helped me improve my friendships and meet new people. You can play a very fun game with some of your mates while making new ones on the greens. Throughout the week you participate in many fun activities like going to Black Bull golf course and doing a session with Glenn and Mal who give you so many great and useful tips I used every day I was on the courses. This camp was great as well, as no matter your skill level everyone got to have a fair go as we would play Ambrose, which included everyone in your team. The accommodation was amazing as we had so many activities to participate in like playing pool, darts, or even practising at the free driving range at the resort. It was an amazing week that I would definitely do again.

Tom Oswell – Year 11

Sports Camp Articles

I really enjoyed Sports Camp. I enjoyed most of the activities but especially the Australian Sports Museum. I enjoyed the ‘game on’ section because it felt like a break from learning. Another activity I enjoyed was wheelchair basketball. It was really fun and a new experience. Overall, this camp introduced me to new experiences and lots of opportunities.

Ruben Charlton

Sports camp was a great experience as I learned many things about sports and their back story. My favourite activity would be kayaking on the Yarra River. Unfortunately, I couldn't go ice skating but I had a lot of fun throughout the week. We went to the Essendon Football Club, visited the VIS, and the MCG and played wheelchair basketball. I also enjoyed the activities at Bounce and at PARC pool.

Raj Sahni

Mt Arapiles

This camp was incredible. I didn’t expect anything like what we experienced on this camp week. The adventures we went on were spectacular, dangling our legs of a little rock ledge 100m up, taking in the amazing view. The guides where amazing, encouraging us the whole way and teaching us how to climb and manoeuvre on the different terrains, teaching us about the amazing place named Mount Arapiles. Some of my highlights were seeing a PeregrineFalcon, being with friends and taking in the view after a long day of climbing. I am so grateful to be able to come on such an amazing camp, and thanks to the awesome teachers that came along, giving up their time to put up with us.

Lorne Dargan and Archie Gay

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