Activities Program Reflections from our Year 7s

Skating at The Shed

I chose Skating at The Shed for my first Activity as I like skating and I wanted to learn new tricks. During the sessions, I learned to drop-in and jump off things on a skateboard. My favourite memory was when I dropping-in for the first time.

Oscar Crittenden

I wanted to learn how to skate, which is why I wanted to do this Activity. The skills I learned skateboarding were turning on the ramp, dropping off a small ledge and riding the skateboard on the two back wheels. My favourite memory was when I learned how to turn on the skateboard.

Harriet Cripps

Circus Skills

This Activity was something new that I hadn't tried before, and it had me interested. I learned how to use a bunch of circus equipment such as the unicycle, diablo, balance boarding, and many others. I also learned some other skills, like patience and resilience. One of my memories was when others in the group were trying to teach me things that I had no hope of learning well on my own.

Ozzy Cartwright

Snorkel Diver

Snorkelling is a new and different experience that I have never really done and something that stood out from the rest which is why I wanted to do it. During the sessions I learnt how to duck dive and be more confident overall in the water and around sea creatures. It was great seeing lots of fish and new sea creatures.

Zacharia Culley

I chose this Activity because I wanted to get better at snorkelling. I learnt some hand signals to communicate under water and my favourite memory was seeing my first wild stingray.

Zac Pollock

Futsal – Indoor Soccer for All

I used to play a version of Futsal when I was at primary school, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I decided to try it as an Activity. I learnt about fitness, teamwork, resilience, persistence, and many more. I will remember all the funny moments I had when I was goalie, especially when my friend was the goalie and the ball managed to get through his legs and into the goals.

Lachlan Palmer

Music and Theatre Technology

I chose this Activity as I am very interested in music and theatre having done a couple of musicals. During the sessions, I learned a lot about lighting, safety in theatre, and when high up, a lot of technical terminology. I also got to know a lot of people quite a bit better.

What I will remember most about this Activity was creating the lighting on the computer. It was so great to see the room light up and be able to control it. We also found some sound effects and heard a bunch of emergency sirens and decided on which ones were the scariest. That was fun. I also really enjoyed going up on the bridge and using the gobos, which create lighting effects.

Isaac Russo

I wanted to do this Activity to learn more about audio and lighting and how shows worked. We were shown how to change lights and set pre-sets. I also learned how to set up physical lights and connect audio to the speakers. What I will remember most is doing scenes with the lighting.

Archie Gay

Big Clay Pots

I wanted to do this Activity because I love being creative and trying something different. I learnt how to make a pinch pot as well as how to connect clay together. My class-mates made me want to come to the Activity, they made me smile and laugh the whole way though.

Willow Adams

The Woodleigh Farm

I wanted to do this Activity because I love animals and working with them. I also wanted to try something different. During the sessions I learnt how to handle a goat properly and handle stick insects

Evie Aitken

Graphic Novel and Comic Creation

I love drawing and anime have always wanted to make my own manga, so I thought this Activity was a good way to do it. Being a part of this Activity helped me become a better artist.

Eve Johnston

I really enjoy art and comics and I thought this Activity would be fun. I learnt a lot of art skills and ways to make my comics more comical and a lot about storyboarding. What I will remember most is how many compliments I got about my art.

Ella Sargeant

Brian Henderson Reserve

I know that I am really good with building things and when I saw that a board walk was being built I wanted to get into this Activity. I learned how to work as a team, sometimes you just have to do as you are told and then it all works out well at the end. My favourite memories were feeding the animals, it’s always good to have to tell the emus to wait for their food! The funniest moment was when we did not have Dr Simpson as the teacher and we led the fill in teacher around the reserve, the emus were very excited to have a new person there!

Samuel McKenzie

Archery and Other Sports

I had previously done archery but it was a while ago and I remember quite enjoying it which is why I chose to it in Activities. I learnt how to shoot a bow and arrow as well as patience and teamwork in some of the competitions we did. I made a really great friend who was also in Year 7 and in the same Homestead.

Audrey Loxton-Banks

Indoor Rock Climbing

I like climbing and I thought it was going to be a good experience which is why I chose this Activity. I skills I learnt were knowing where to place your hands, concentration, and using your strength carefully because you run out of strength during the climb. What I will remember most about this Activity was how hard and challenging it was.

Finn Lawson

Laser Cut Technology

I chose this Activity as I wanted to get to use and explore the laser cutter, 3D printers, and sticker machine. During the sessions I learned a lot about Adobe Illustrator and my memory of the Activity will be making things I enjoy.

Syve Chapman


This Activity appealed to me as I wanted to learn more about lino cut and printmaking overall. What I learnt most during the sessions were to be patient with designs and sketching.

Maya Mason