Activities Bliss

It’s been a busy time in Activities over the semester and students have been engaged in a wide range of experiential learning. However, students from one Activity have had a fast learning experience in some valuable skills that will help them in all aspects of their future journey.

In the Yoga and Meditation Activity, students have explored more than ‘Salute to the Sun’. Their sessions have included traditional Yogic moves to improve their balance, flexibility, endurance and strength, whilst also extending their learning through additional practices to help build self-esteem, positive thinking and inspire them to reach their true potential. The ladder breathing led to a lot of laughter – a great release, the sound bath relaxation using the Tibetan singing bowls became a favourite along with partner massages before finishing off with relaxation, aka ‘nap time’. Lesson 5 on a Monday and Wednesday saw some students floating around the Campus in a wonderful blissful state. 

Thanks to Sharon from the Hummingbird Connection for sharing your knowledge. Keep a look out for more Wellbeing and new Activities in the future.