Tennis Challenge

My final time was 3 minutes and 27 seconds! 
Tabitha Plummer Y8

Woodleigh Eco Warrior Series: Biodiversity – Virtual visit at Melbourne Zoo

I was so excited when I saw one of the snow leopard cubs....see if you can spot it! 
Milla Lee Y7

Lego Legends Challenge

I have a lot of Lego, so this was a really good session for me!
Jackson Snooks Y7

Yarn Bomb Your Initials

I really enjoyed this activity and have made my name hanging in my room. 
Amelia Evenden Y9

Yoga and Meditation

Very calm and at peace after the yoga session. 
Kate Smith Y9

Knitting and The Beanie Festival 2021 Preparation

This was my first time knitting so I was just practicing, but now I know the basics,  I’ll be ready for the Beanie Festival next year! 
Poppy Mollett Y7

Shadow Drawings

The shadows were quite abstract when drawn, quite fun and cool. 
Kate Smith Y9

Brian Henderson Reserve: Bettong Memes

The best Memes are made in school... I enjoyed this so much it felt like a weekend with me doing my thing. 
Miller Virtanen Y7