5/6 Activities Program at Minimbah – Creative Business 101- Mothers’ Day Stall

Last week, Thursday 5 May, saw the culmination of one element of the Year 5&6 Activities Program at Minimbah – The Mothers’ Day Stall.

Ethan G – Personalised Glass Pen Holders, Milla & Olivia – Dreamcatchers, Margaret & Mae – Flower Ring Bowels, Amelia & Jess – Message in a Bottle – Vouchers, Sofia – Decorated Quote Frames

Working weekly from Week 4 in Term 1, a creative group of eight students accepted the challenge to design and create products that could be sold to students as gifts for their mothers for Mothers’ Day.

The students had to design their item based on their intended customers, source and price materials and create their final product. They are to be commended on their commitment to the process, as it did require more time than anticipated. A special thank you to:

  • Ethan G, Olivia, Mae, Jess, Amelia, Sofia, Milla and Margaret for their stellar efforts, with help from Jo Jillett & Mrs Love
  • The Minimbah PFG for shopping for our materials and being gift wrappers on the day
  • The Minimbah Staff for answering the call when extra hands were needed.

Hoping you all enjoyed your gifts and had a joyous Mothers’ Day.

Inclusion Teacher