Year 5 Update

It is truly incredible to think that we are already in Term 4. What a year it has been for us all! We cannot put into words how wonderful it has been to be back with our students at Minimbah and to see the children face-to-face this week, after many months of online remote learning. The energy and the sense of community upon our return have been truly heart-warming. Seeing the smiling faces and children reconnecting face to face has been very special.

During our first week back at Minimbah, we have focused on the importance of time to reconnect, re-energise, and reignite students' curiosity and engagement with their learning back in the classroom. We have also been focusing on sharing stories to reconnect and learn from each other and build a community sense. 

Unit of Inquiry- Creative Minds

This term, Year 5, will be exploring the transdisciplinary theme, How We Express Ourselves. Specifically, we will be inquiring into:

How people use creativity to express meaning and connect with others.

We began our first week back at school with Creative Minds stations, where students had the opportunity to create and express themselves in a wide array of methods using a range of materials and techniques. Watching students apply their unique creativity and thinking skills and expressing themselves in different ways was fascinating. It was an excellent way to provoke their thinking and engage their minds through their choice of mediums, from sculpting to painting, drawing, nature, technology, and music, to name a few. It was also a great time to reconnect with their peers by creating and exploring how to express meaning to others through various expressions means. 

Adventurous Minds Week

At the end of the last term, we celebrated our Year 5 Adventurous Minds Week. Students were invited to present student-led workshops and directly involved in teaching, sharing, and inspiring others to try something new and share their passions. The workshops ranged from artistic design, skateboarding, cooking, philosophy, and even puppy training! All students were invited to use the afternoons to try what was shared during our Adventurous Minds workshops or explore their areas of interest and find ways to inspire and extend their 'adventurous minds.' The response was overwhelming, and we are so proud of all of the students in their ability to support each other, encourage each other, inspire each other, and be willing to try new things. It was a truly memorable week.


This week's buzz during our Writing sessions has been fantastic, with Year 5 beginning their exploration of Journey, an interactive provocation that we have used during our writing sessions to extend and enrich our descriptive writing. It has been such a lovely time for us to connect through an immersive shared experience and use this as a catalyst to develop rich writing pieces. Students have enjoyed building up to this experience, and it has been wonderful to see their creativity and enthusiasm around this provocation.

We look forward to sharing their writing pieces with you.

Reading sessions will develop students' understanding of how writers use stories to communicate ideas and creativity and express themselves. We will be looking at specific reading strategies, and analysing different texts for their structures and features. Spelling sessions will continue to focus on extending students' vocabulary in line with our inquiry unit and exploring words that can express meaning, look at specific spelling strategies, and spell more challenging words or intricate spelling patterns.


This term, students have been developing and refining their own personal maths goals in collaboration with their teacher and their interests and areas that they would like to create. It is an exciting endeavour for many students, as many are eager to explore certain mathematics areas. It also gives students an opportunity for ownership and agency with their learning. 

During our Numeracy sessions, a focus has been on extending students' understanding of place value and problem-solving skills and exploring number and shape. Students have done a remarkable job during our symmetry investigations, and the response to our exploration of bilateral and rotational symmetry was outstanding. It has been great to see students' interest in this area and its connections with our inquiry unit.

Thank you!

We want to thank our wonderful Year 5 families for their ongoing support and efforts during the many months of remote learning. The partnership between home and school has meant so much to us. We are so appreciative of all the support, feedback, and words of encouragement. 

We are looking forward to a beautiful term, full of engaging learning and memorable moments together.

Year 5 Classroom Teachers