Year 4 update

Incredibly, we are in Term 4 already! A year full of unpredictability and many ups and downs, the Year 4s certainly were riding high at the return to learning in the classroom this week. Evident by the beaming smiles that came charging through the door! It reinforced that despite spending physical time away from each other, it never stopped them from maintaining, or in the case of our new students Molly and Oscar, creating those connections, bonds of support and encouragement.

I want to congratulate the students and celebrate how they persevered with their learning until the end of the last term, even with the tanks running on empty.

We finished up our short unit on 'How the world works,' and it was fantastic to have the children so engaged in creating and questioning their hypotheses as they explored and experimented. They examined the concept of certain materials chosen for different purposes and applied this knowledge to the wearable shoe mini-project. The kids all enjoyed being able to see the different approaches and reasoning everyone did when we shared them, as well as a bit of a laugh at the various designs. It integrated well with our Literacy, where they were able to identify and work to the structure of a procedural text to create clear and explicit instructions.

The children also finished up a fantastic exploration of 3D shapes, identifying the features and creating nets of buildings they had designed and more complex shapes. Many reflected that they were proud of the growth they could show in their understanding.

We also had a very successful Book Week with some incredible costumes for the book parade. The creativity has shown from using items found at home, and some creative planning just blew me away.

What does this Term hold for Year 4?


This term's key area will be the exploration and creation of imaginative texts such as narratives and plays. And it links into our Inquiry Unit this term, focusing on creativity.

This term, they will continue exploring:

  • understanding the structure of a narrative text and exploring how to expand on it
  • using the 'Show don't tell' strategy to build the sensory details and actions of the characters, rather than just stating them
  • creating tension in an imaginative piece
  • developing skills by re-reading and editing texts
  • recognising the importance of short 'power' sentences
  • ensuring a range of punctuation and capital letters are used appropriately and consistently
  • handwriting
  • fluency and expression when reading aloud.


In Numeracy this term, the students will be exploring some new concepts and consolidating previous learning. 

Students will be exploring strategies such as:

  • division
  • money - increasing money understanding and problem-solving, including using exact change
  • decimals - understanding the relationship between decimals and fractions
  • time - converting between units of time
  • measurement - area, volume & capacity
  • mathematical skills – interpreting, inquiring, and problem-solving.


This term, our inquiry unit 'How We Express Ourselves' has the students looking at the central idea that 'People use creativity to express meaning and connect with others. ' We will question, discover, and reflect on things such as:

  • how people use creativity to express meaning
  • how people connect with others through creative expression
  • using our imagination to express meaning & connect with others.

Key Concepts to be covered -

  • Form 
  • Function 
  • Connection

Garden and Explore

Due to restrictions, our Kitchen, Garden, and Explore program is a little bit different from earlier this year. We cannot include the kitchen element, but we plan to spend a great deal of time gardening and to restore our 3/4 garden to its former glory. 

Year 4 Classroom Teacher