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SIS Cross Country - Take 2

Cancelled due to extreme weather – re-run in 'challenging' conditions, Woodleigh's team of around 70 students represented the school in impressive fashion.

Through the slips, the mud and the puddles, some outstanding individual performances were highlights.

Millie Evenden Y11 Remains undefeated in SIS Competition, having won in 2018, 2019, (2020 no race), 2021 and taking out the U/17 Girls race this year.
Joining her on the top step of the dais was Imogen Tabacco Y10 who took 1st place the U/16 Girls race.

Team Captain Benny McConnell Y12 finished 3rd in the U/21 Men's race, with Ted Meysztowicz Y10, Alby Moorehouse Y7, Orlando Clark Y8, Harry Lawson Y11 and Rhett Clark Y12 also finishing in top 10 positions in their respective races.

Special thanks to Woodleigh's Year 12s who have competed hard at SIS Cross Country events across their six-year journey. Thanks for the long-hours training through the mud and the rain and your willingness to be involved during your final year at our school.

Woodleigh's history of Aerobics success stretches back to the early 90s, and if yesterday's results at the Aeroschools Victorian Championships are anything to go by, we'll be in for a good run for a while yet.

Our whole school team of Harper, Lara, Billie, Isla, Charlotte, Amelia, Annabelle, Imogen, Della, Ayla, Sasica, Harper, Mae, Tilly, Eve, Lily and Ruby finished first, an outstanding effort!

The Mini Group, level 2, featuring Year 2 and 3 students Amelia, Annabelle, Imogen, Della, Ayla and Sasica finished third, while the Mini Group, level 1, of Year 5 and 6 students Harper, Mae, Tilly, Eve, Lily and Ruby finished sixth and are off to nationals!

Outstanding results, with big applause and thanks to Coach Billee Ruckwood, and the parents who do so much to support this program!

It's a well-known fact that running is an efficient way to stay warm.

Also well-known is the fact that Athletics tracks don't offer too much shelter from cold winds.
The result? Well, our Penbank Aths team were super keen to get on track on Tuesday and burn their way down the home straight.
Go fast, stay warm.
Jump far, stay warm.

Throw big, stay warm.

A great job by the whole team with some excellent individual performances in the group!

""That was an amazing first game of football. One of the best games of Junior Girls Football I've ever seen.""

Davvy wasn't wrong, either.

While the Woodleigh girls fell agonisingly short of the win, the effort, teamwork, support and skill they showed to take the battle right up to the bigger John Paul College girls showed we have real heart and a thirst for the contest.

Congratulations to our players, and well done to the JPC girls on a great win and a highly-entertaining game.

It's a celebration!

A celebration of effort, application, skill and talent.

A celebration of Bella Gosling for being recognised with a Premier's Award for her outstanding work in Units 3-4 Literature, where she achieved a perfect study score of 50.

Nice to see Sonia Murr and your Mum joining you and David Baker to recognise your efforts too!

After a three-week holiday break, Woodleigh has returned. And while the days are cold enough to chill the bones of many out here at Golf Links Road, the shorts through winter crew are hanging tough.

Here's to a big Term 3 filled with learning, challenge, purpose, effort and reflection.

At Minimbah, Year 6 students present TEP Talks. (Definitely not to be confused with TED Talks... don't do that, don't confuse them, they're not the same thing...)

TEP stands for – Technology Education Passions, or is it Taking (an) Extraordinary Plunge? Or perhaps Talks Engaging Peers? Or Teaching Everyone's Passions? Certainly, they are all Truly Engaging Presentations.
And there was huge variety on display. Presentations ranged across such diverse subject matter as – The Government of the Future, How Does Food Connect Us? Autism Awareness, Women's Rights, Racism in Sport, The LGBTQIA+ Community, Clean Energy for The Future and Animal Therapy, each representing students' interests, passions and expertise.

Public speaking is a huge fear for many of us, right through to adulthood. So to be learning these skills in a safe, supported environment is a huge leg-up for these students as they move toward secondary schooling.

The Brian Henderson Reserve at Senior Campus had some new folks move in on Tuesday night – a community of Southern Brown Bandicoots!

These bouncy little guys are relatives of the Bilby and, importantly, are native to the Peninsula. Though they were once common, they're now considered endangered across Australia, with the last major population found not too far away in the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens.

At Woodleigh, they'll have the chance to survive and thrive in the predator-proof confines of the reserve, safe from the foxes and cats who have decimated their wild populations.
Students will help monitor the animals via trapping and night vision cameras while also helping care for the animals who make up our small captive breeding program.
The Brian Henderson Reserve is now home to the Bandicoots, as well as populations of Brush-tailed Rock Wallabies, Red-necked Wallabies, Tammar Wallabies, Tasmanian Pademelons, Rufous Bettongs, Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Eastern Quolls and a pair of Emus!
Thank you to Pails for Scales Conservation for donating these animals.

Last night, the Hall's stage hosted students with confidence, poise, skill and a hint of swagger as two years worth of cobwebs were burned away in an instant.

The strength of the performances we saw at the Myths and Legends Musicale made it seem like COVID was a blip on the radar of our consciousness rather than more than two years of constant upheaval and the sidelining of community, The Arts and celebration.

Congratulations to all who performed, and thank you to the teachers and parents who do so much to support Woodleigh's vibrant, eclectic and electric music program.

Because, as everyone knows, there's no show without the roadies…