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The natural beauty you'll find down at the Prom has few peers in the state of Victoria.

Some would say it has few peers across the globe.
I'm interested in what Penbank's Year 5s would say. Because today, those lucky campers are seeing it in its absolute prime.
Twenty-three degrees and sunny.

Perfect memory-making conditions.
Perfect exploring conditions.

Perfect learning to surf conditions.

Perfect, perfect, perfect.

Woodleigh Camps are the best!

With Frankston putting on this weekend, we thought we'd share the sweet, sweet images that David Booth AKA Ghostpatrol put up on the Canteen walls at Minimbah last week.

Students from Years 5 & 6 worked with David to put together a design featuring all your favourite Australian creatures; then, they spent the week throwing it up on the walls to entertain and delight hungry kids for years to come.

Massive congratulations to Kaitlyn Everett Y12 2021, for taking out this year’s Woodleigh Emerging Filmmaker Award at the Peninsula Film Festival.

Woodleigh has been partnered with the festival for nine years, and we’re rapt to be able to support the production and promotion of creativity and The Arts by young people, not only on the Peninsula, but in the wider community.

We farewelled the original in late 2020. And we welcome the new in early 2022.

Homestead 4 is reborn.




The latest in Woodleigh's Homestead Renewal Program, it's fair to say students and staff are excited to be back home.

We're excited too, to invite the wider Woodleigh community to the official opening, in a couple of months' time.

Learning by doing. Responding to, and caring for your environment.

Growing with a sustainable mindset.

Our Year 10 Marine Science students put their classroom learning into action when they headed out into Port Phillip Bay to investigate and catalogue the sea life that calls it home.

Swimming with the seals at Pope's Eye and Chinaman's Hat a definite highlight!

Well, it had to happen...

After being taken downtown by Homestead 6 last year, the good people of Homestead 3 put their heads down in the Pines Pool to paddle and swim their way back to the top of the victory dais.

Congratulations to all the students who got amongst it, both in and out of the pool. The colour, support and camaraderie were all top notch!


Here's a bit of wholesome fun for your Sunday.

Mr Kenner's Year 3s put this video together for their assembly last week, but, because of COVID, they couldn't share it with a live audience.

So we'll share it here!

Hopefully, we can invite parents back for our School Meetings and Assemblies soon. It's great to share what our students are learning in person!

Year 7 Science pracs are pretty marvellous things.

First of all, you get lab coats. Cool

Then, there's all the new apparatus – bunsen burners and flasks and tubes: the strange coloured liquids, powerful magnets and all the chemical reactions, with their pops and bangs to entertain.

Our Year 7s have been getting stuck in, working hard to investigate, record and understand how science influences our world.

Adventurous Minds seeking out wisdom.
Year 7 Science pracs are pretty marvellous things.

How can painting portraits build empathy and understanding in a community?

Inspired by 'Anh Do's Brush With Fame', Minimbah Year 5 and 6 students are painting portraits of a classmate – part of their 'Who We Are' Unit of Inquiry.

By asking meaningful questions, recording information, and persisting with refined sketching and painting skills, students not only produced impressive artworks, they developed an understanding of others' stories and supported each other through the artistic process.

The reveals of Minimbah's 'Inspired by Anh' portrait project produced some beautiful reactions, as students appreciated the care, respect and attention their classmates had taken when interviewing, painting, sharing and reflecting on their work.

Where thoughtful questioning and active listening lead, shared understanding, and empathy will follow.