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There are motivational speakers, and then there's Mandy McCracken.

A simple bug resulted in the sepsis that took Mandy's limbs. Waking from a coma as a quadruple amputee, it would have been understandable had she fallen in a heap. But she chose a different mindset.
"I decided to laugh my way through. I named each thing that I had attached to me. My tracheotomy was Trevor, my bed, Harley because it had wheels, and down the track, I named my arms Alana and Alan after my prosthetists. My new legs are Stan Ding and Neil Ling."
Mandy visited our Penbank Year 3 and 4 students last week to talk with them about how innovations in technology change the way people live, her own experience, her zest for life, and why mindset is an important part of how we live our lives.
Thank you, Mandy, for sharing your stories with us and for sharing Alana and Alan too.

We're proud to be Friends of Mandy.

In what has become something of a Mother's Day tradition, the Minimbah Foundation class pampered their Mums after last Thursday's Assembly in their special Wellness Spa – with expert hairstyling, makeup and massage treatments on offer for their Mums.

We hope the weekend continued in a similar, if somewhat more professional, pampery vein for you all!

Woodleigh Mums, we salute you!

We thank you, and we are so grateful for everything you do.

Our Minimbah and Penbank campuses both celebrated the ladies who make our lives complete on Thursday, before Mums from all campuses joined us at Merricks General Wine Store for our 2022 Woodleigh Mother's Day Out.

After two years in hiatus due to you know what, Mother's Day Out was a beautiful way for our mums and special ladies to reconnect over lunch and laughter.

Thank you to the businesses who donated goods and services to our goodie bags and door prizes!

Both Yoga, Burnley Brewing, Johnny Ripe Main Ridge, Diaco's Garden Nursery , Endota Spa, Southern Plants, Foundation Bulk Food Store, Crittenden Estate Wines, Peninsula Skin Co, Santé Wines, Smoke & Vanilla, OnStone, , >span class="nc684nl6">Lumiere Art + Co., SMART Business Solutions, Hawkes Farm, Envie Aesthetics, Half Moon Meadow, Skinbetter Science, Progress Signs and DAMN Gorgeous
We hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day, with pampering, care, good food and great company!

SIS Swimming was back at MSAC yesterday with the Division A Championships attracting Woodleigh's top swimming talent to the pool.

An overall 5th place was highlighted by two pennant wins, with the Under 13 and Open Boys teams both victorious.

Our small team put in a massive effort against the much bigger schools, with lots of students stepping up to make sure we were represented.

We like hands-on, experiential learning here at Woodleigh.

So when our Penbank Preps are looking at How The World Works for their Term 2 Unit of Inquiry, it makes sense that we'd organise a visit from Hands On Science to help us unravel the scientific mysteries of nature's life cycles.

Inquiry-based, experiential learning is the perfect way to nurture passions and talents in young children.

"Good morning, class. Today we will be learning about the Battle of Hastings; please open your textbooks to page 93."



"Good morning, class. Today we will be learning about the Battle of Hastings by crafting our own weapons, creating armour from newspapers, and re-enacting the key moments of the Norman's victory against the Saxons."


This is why experiential education works.

Living your learning is the most powerful way to bring about transformational outcomes – lessons that last, understandings that are... well... properly understood.

It's why we teach this way at Woodleigh. And why we love T. Ryan.

The Big Freeze was ON in the Woodleigh Gym on Thursday 7 April.

Staff vs Students Fundraising Netball, winner takes all, in support of the fight against Motor Neurone Disease.

What the Staff gave away in age, they made up in wit, guile, and determination to win through in the end, with a narrow 9-8 victory over their Year 12 opposition.

Congratulations to all players and officials and to the student organising committee, led by Tessa Cox Y12, who wore a very refreshing bucket of ice-cold water for her troubles! 🥶🥶🥶

​Hattah is 545 kilometres away from the Senior Campus, but it might as well be a million miles from COVID, classes, houses, showers, TikTok and the fridge.

And yet, no one seems to mind.

Our Year 10s rise early, plan their routes, and get onto the tracks as quickly as possible. The rhythm of Hattah life dictates that you get an early start, ensure your nav' is good, and reap the rewards of getting into camp early, with time to chill, refresh, and ready for the next adventure.

They're well into that groove now.
Hattah is working its magic.

Students from the Classes of 2020 and 2021, look away now. You don't need to see these images.

Okay, now that they scrolled past, it is my great pleasure to share a few photos from last Friday's Year 12 Formal.
It was a top night at The Epicurean Red Hill, with staff and students donning their finest attire and keeping the dance floor packed from go to whoa. And after two years where we didn't get to host this event, it was awesome to be able to share this time again.

Thank you to Lila, Pippin, Chloe, Nikki and everyone else who helped put together the awards, and to Rex for a top set on the decks.