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Schools have some interesting traditions.

For example, at Westminster School in the UK, a tradition known as “The Greaze” began in 1753 and is still celebrated on Shrove Tuesday each year. It involves the cook tossing a 'horsehair reinforced' pancake over a high bar, and the pupils then fight over the pancake for one minute.

At Woodleigh, in Bush Week, we plant trees.

Every year, the Bush Week Homestead Session sees Year 7 and Year 12 students band together to give hundreds of new plants a new home, and this year was no different.
950 plants were added to Woodleigh's green mass, and here is the proof!

One of Woodleigh's superpowers is its Music Program.

COVID, it turns out, is music's kryptonite... but recent Cafe Concerts at Minimbah and the Senior Campus have restored students' ability to share songs, compositions, chords, and paradiddles with their friends, teachers and parents.

For some, it was their first time in front of an audience (not that you'd have known it), and we look forward to seeing them back on stage soon.

Looking forward to the Bunjil Concert at Penbank on Monday!

In Year 8, Woodleigh's Year 8 Community Partnerships program sees students connect with one of ten local community organisations.

The concepts and challenges of social justice, volunteering and charity are explored before students commit to an ongoing focus on a group centred on Environmental, People or Local Indigenous Community links.

These partnerships continue to evolve, led by students' initiative to sustain them over time.
These images are from our Willum Warrain, Sages Cottage and Spring Park Park Primary School Groups.

Last night the Year 12 Drama Class sat us down in the Hall for 'Christmas Down Under', and the experience of live theatre was just the balm our culture-starved souls needed.

Like many family Christmas tables, there was a mix of humour, sadness, pathos, insight and empathy on display as the self-devised ensemble pieces unfolded on stage.

The creativity, stagecraft and smarts employed to put together two mature and nuanced pieces of theatre were unmistakable, and our congratulations go to all students and staff involved.

​If you wanted to put together an order for the perfect conditions for Cross Country Running, yesterday would have made a good template.

Overcast, threatening rain, slightly damp underfoot, but not soft; cool, but not freezing, no howling wind.
100% good for a run.

And in those perfect conditions, it was the good folk from Homestead 4 who came home in first spot, with Homestead 7 finishing runners-up.

Ted Meysztowicz Y10 and Tilly Boadle Y8 were our fastest individual runners on the day, while in the Tutor Group stakes, Homestead 4s Year 10s continued their Homestead Sports dominance, with Homestead 7 winning the Year 9 comp, Homestead 6 taking out Year 8, and Homestead 2 got the chocolates in the Year 7 race.

Well done to everyone who participated, and we look forward to seeing our SIS Cross Country Team compete in a couple of weeks.

While the coming federal election has seen many pollies head home to sure-up things in the hope of being re-elected, Canberra hasn't been left entirely empty.

Last week, our Minimbah and Penbank Year 6 students were on the ground in our nation's capital, discovering democracy, science, history and ... roundabouts.

The Canberra Study Tour is a fantastic, hands-on, engaging way to uncover how our country is governed, who it is governed by, and how it all came to be this way.

If two outta three ain't bad...

Then six outta seven has got to be pretty damned good!

Our SIS Sporting Teams have had a mighty fine week flying the flag for Woodleigh, with everything from crushing home-ground wins, to the tightest of last-minute victories.

Six wins from seven contests is a fantastic effort. Well done to all competitors, and best of luck for next week!


Junior Boys Volleyball – 2 sets to 0 v Cornish College
Senior Boys football – 152 – 3 v St Peters – Cranbourne

Junior Girls Netball – 25-3 v Padua College Tyabb

Junior Girls Soccer – 4-3 v Bayside Christian College

Intermediate Girls Indoor Cricket – 93-54 v Bayside Christian College

Intermediate Boys Football – 37-34 v John Paul College

Intermediate Boys Volleyball 0-2 lost v St Johns Regional College

Woodleigh's Year 10 University visits are a vital part of our Careers Program.

90% of Woodleigh students go to University after Year 12; so putting one's feet on the ground and experiencing the feeling of campus life is not only an exciting way to spend a day, it's also incredibly relevant and a welcome return after two years of forced absence.

Thanks to the staff who made the day possible!

What ho!

The aforesaid king David I, by thee counsel of all his barons and pedagogues, for the promotion of tuition and the observing of skilled accomplishment, decreed that on Friday, 6 May, all scholars in the year of eight should be in Medieval dress and doings.

Twas a day of dancing and battle and levity and toil, as many as was necessary and not more; the faithful making their sigils and banners ready for siege by blade, arrow and armour.