Years 3 & 4 Update

Hello, to all our year 3 and 4 families! It has been a fantastic first half of term getting to know and work with your children. Here's a snapshot of what we have been doing and what's to come!

Units of Inquiry 

We are wrapping our first unit of inquiry- Sharing the Planet. As we do this, you may like to chat with your children about what they have learned, found interesting, and questions they still have around the following lines of inquiry: 

  • The features of harmonious communities
  • Attitudes and actions that affect the harmony of a community
  • The role of conflict resolution in supporting harmony

During week 10, we will begin our next unit of inquiry- Where we are in place and time. Below is some information on the ideas and concepts related to this learning. It is a good idea to talk with your children about these to tune them into the teaching before we begin. 

Central Idea

Significant events and people impact the lives of individuals and communities.

Lines of inquiry   

An inquiry into:

  • Why a person or event becomes significant
  • The impact of significant people and events on individuals and communities
  • Our responsibility when acknowledging significant people & events


We have been learning how to present our ideas using online tools, including Adobe Spark. The children have chosen to share their learning in either video or post format. They have learned many new ICT skills - ask them about this as they are proud of their achievements! 

Celebrating Learning 

Over the past few weeks, we have had many children eagerly volunteer to present their learning at school meetings. They take on the responsibility of putting together a script explaining to the school community the knowledge that has taken place. Congratulations to the children who have presented so far. We are proud of how well you have represented our learning community and look forward to hearing from many more children over the year. 

Identity Artwork 

Josh and Mavis spoke at School Meeting about the children's artworks across years 3 and 4 they have been working on. 

In years 3 and 4, we have been drawing pictures representing ourselves and what we love in black and white. We have been tracing our hands and doing lots of patterning and little pictures in fine liner for detail. These pictures show stuff about us. They have taken us a long time and lots of effort. These pictures are full of intricate detail. We did these pictures because we wanted to know more about each other. We are very proud of what we have created.

We are very proud of you all! 

The Resilience Project 

Towards the end of term, we will focus on students' social and emotional development through The Resilience Project. The program focuses on the areas of gratitude, empathy, mindfulness, and emotional literacy. We find the study of these essential concepts to be hugely beneficial. The positive impact on the children is paramount to their success as learners. 


We would like to acknowledge the students who continue to bring their diary into school each day with their nightly reading recorded and signed by a parent or older sibling. This routine sets up organisational and reading habits and positively impacts children's reading and writing. We thank you for your support in ensuring this gets done each evening and morning! 


We have been learning about place value. We have been exploring the following skills and concepts:  

  • partitioning, rearranging & regrouping numbers 
  •  modelling and representing small and large numbers  
  •  describing number patterns 

The children have enjoyed tackling these areas through engaging problem-solving tasks. These tasks are designed around the following questions: 

  • what is place value?
  • how do we know when one number is bigger than another?
  • how can we describe a number?
  • what happens if we keep adding?
  • how does the base 10 number system work and why do we use it?


Spelling- after assessing and grouping the students, we have begun our formal spelling program. Each week these groups will focus on various spelling rules, patterns, and word families. These lessons are designed to enable children to attempt to spell new words confidently.  

Writing- we have been focusing on the genre of narrative writing. The children have developed their story ideas and are beginning to plan their stories. We will then work sequentially on the following narrative writing skills: planning, exciting beginnings, creating tension, adding dialogue, describing in detail, and exciting endings. The children will also take their writing through the writing process, including planning—drafting, editing, revising, conferencing with a teacher, final drafting, and publishing. Check-in with your child to discover their story idea!

Reading- we have begun teaching comprehension skills and strategies. Currently, we are focusing on how to find the main idea in a text. It will be taught and assessed through various formats, including direct instruction, modelling, guided practice, independent application, and formal assessment. The children enjoy the rich literacy opportunities available such as independent reading from our school library, guided reading from teacher-selected texts, and sharing our group novel – The Wild Robot. 

We are looking forward to taking our learning outside with the children when we embark on our first camp for the year. Stay tuned for more camp information to come from us shortly!

Stay safe and take care, 

Y3 & 4 Classroom Teachers