Year 2 Update

We have had such an amazing last few weeks in Year 2, and it has undoubtedly been action-packed! I must congratulate the students on doing such a fantastic job with their first assembly this year. The students rehearsed, so they were prepared, and though I am sure they would have loved to have had you there, they impressed on the day! It has been great to also venture out in our official Discovery Day groups and explore our sites for the day. It was beautiful to see the students work together in their new groups and use some of what we have been doing in class, exploring 'our patch' and applying it while we were out there.


We have commenced our Read Write Inc (RWI) program, and the children are working well in their groups and should be bringing home their readers to show their reading at home. Remember, the RWI readers have been ones they have practised in class, and they should be extraordinarily fluent and expressive when they read them. 


During maths sessions, they have been looking at number knowledge, focusing on place value. The children have been doing a lot of work recognising counting patterns and sequences and using their prior experience to find numbers in sequence. The class has also been discussing expanding numbers to understand their place value 387 = 300+80+7 and how they can show this. They have also incorporated some knowledge of data and graphing, which has linked to our inquiry unit. 


Within our "Who We Are' topic, the students have explored all the different roles and responsibilities that add to diverse communities. We have been focusing on our learning community, and the students have embraced the idea that there is a need to share responsibilities to make our community work in harmony. They have loved being able to organise and take responsibility for their jobs and making sure that I am doing mine by checking off the roster each day!

The children have reflected on their strengths when taking on roles in groups and celebrating similarities and differences. We have looked specifically at the Learner Attributes of being Principled, Caring, and Communicators, including a focus that drives our intentions.

They are all very excited to put some of their planning and responsibility skills into hosting an activity for the Penbank Year 2s, who will be visiting us next Thursday.

Coming up this term

Week 7

  • 8 March Labour Day Holiday
  • 11 March Excursion to Penbank
  • 12  March School Photo Day             

Week 9

  • 24 March The Resilience Project Parent Webinar

 Week 10

  • 1 April Penbank and Minimbah Picnic Sports Day
  • 1 April Term 1 concludes

Year 2 Classroom Teacher