Art Dept

In Mrs. Groves' photo joiners' activity class, the students use a photo they have taken and split it up in photoshop to create a piece of art. 

Year 12 students experimenting with clay and ideas to create pottery pieces, such as the green spotted piece. 

Ms. Macdonald's Enviro class are working on isometric, orthogonal designs – drawing floorplans, etc. 

The Y9 & 10 textiles group, use a combination of ink dying, wax resists, and lino printing to create their personalised drawstring bag. 

The Y8 class are experimenting with ink to create 'ink monsters.' They use pipettes, brushes, and all sorts of tools to manipulate the ink and then add markers and colour to turn them into a monster. These will then be added in photoshop with a photo of the students to explore and develop their skills.