2021 Senior Campus Booklists

Please follow the link below to Campion Education to purchase your child's 2021 booklist items.




Second Hand Booklist For 2021
Woodleigh Year 7 2021 Booklist
Woodleigh Year 8 2021 Booklist
Woodleigh Year 9 2021 Booklist
Woodleigh Year 10 2021 Booklist
Woodleigh VCE 2021 Booklist

Booklist FAQs

What is the School Code? 

If the Campion website asks for a School Code enter “DX8Q”. 

Do I have to make an account?

Yes. This is so you can save and track your order.  

What is the difference between the Early English Booklist and the other booklists? 

The Early English Booklist is for students in Years 11 and 12 in 2021 only. These books are needed for Orientation Week 2020, and, if ordered by Thursday 29th October, will be Home Delivered by Campion in plenty of time. Please take note of the titles you order to avoid ‘doubling-up’ on the VCE Booklist. We advise you to create a Campion account so that you can check your order/s at any time. 

When does my general booklist order need to be finalised? 

The closing date for Collection from School in 2021 is Friday 13 December 2020. Booklists stay open during next year, and do not close until the next year’s list is finalised. 

How can I find out which subjects/ electives my student is enrolled in? 

All students will receive an email with their subject enrolments on it during Term 4. Please ask to see the email if you are unsure of their subjects. 

What is the final date I can make an order? 

The booklists will not close until the next year’s list is finalised, however, for timely School Collection, orders must be placed by Friday 13 December 2020. 

When can I collect my booklist order? 

IF CORONA VIRUS RESTRICTIONS ARE LIFTED: The Booklist orders will be available for pick up on: Monday 18 January 2021: 10am – 4:00pm The collection point will be the Senior Campus Hall. Follow the signage and the ‘cones’. 

I can’t make it on the Collection Day. What will happen to my order? 

The school will hold any orders that are not picked up, and they can be collected in the days following. Any discrepancies in your order will have to be followed up with Campion directly. We do advise you to attend the Collection Days for this reason. 

What will I need to bring when I collect my booklist order? 

A copy of your order confirmation (digital is fine) and pen. 

Where is the Booklist order Pick-up Point? 

Campion will set up their collection point in the Senior Campus Hall on Monday 18 January 2021 at 10am-4:00pm. Follow the signage and the ‘cones’. 

What will happen at the pick-up point? 

Once you give Campion the names of your child/ren they will bring your order/s and request that you check it carefully. Please do so. If there is anything missing, please let the Campion staff know. 

My student is new and we don’t know which language they are doing yet. What should I do? 

ALL students in Year 7-10 (and VCE French or Indonesian) must purchase Education Perfect to complete Language activities – this subscription covers both languages. We advise you to create a Campion account so that textbooks can be added to your booklist order at a later date or contact Campion directly to make additional purchases. 

Do I have to make an account? 

It is recommended that you make an account so that you can return to your order at any time. 

The website is not working for me. Who can I speak to?

If you have questions about the booklist website, please search the FAQs on the Campion website or phone Campion on 1300 433 982. For queries about texts you can contact Campion (as above) or the School (5971 6100). 

I can navigate to the Campion website using the link but the booklist page only has a heading. What is going wrong? 

The Campion website appears to have a block on repeat visits during a single browser session. The solution is to quit the browser you are using, restart the browser, and then return to the booklist via the Senior Campus/ Parent resources menu. 

Why are there so many digital texts? 

Woodleigh is committed to reducing the use of paper where possible. In addition, there are many excellent digital teaching and revision providers that the faculties have tested, evaluated and chosen to support the wide range of learning styles and levels. 

Which digital texts do I need? 

Compulsory school-wide digital subscriptions are clearly labelled as such on the booklist and must be purchased via the booklist. Year 7-10 Education Perfect for English, Mathematics, Humanities, French, Indonesian, and Digital Technologies. Year 11 and 12 Education Perfect for French and Indonesian. Year 7-8 Science (Stile) Year 9-10 Science electives (Stile) Some Year 11 and 12 subjects will need to purchase a compulsory Edrolo subscription Some subjects have other digital resources particular to them. Please check your list carefully to ensure that you purchase all items required. 

Do I have to buy the “Print+Digital” text? 

There are some subjects where a “print+digital” text and a digital “reactivation code” are listed. If you do not have a physical copy of a second-hand text in your possession at the time of ordering, please purchase “Print+Digital”, as you can exchange or refund this item. 

What is a “reactivation code”? 

A “reactivation code” is used with a second-hand text to access online content from the publisher. The “reactivation code” should ONLY be purchased if you have a secondhand copy of the print text in your hands. DO NOT buy one “just in case”. You CANNOT get an exchange or refund for a reactivation code. If in doubt, buy the “print+digital” option, as this is more flexible in the long run. 

Do I have to buy all the stationery? 

Some subjects have specific requirements, and these will be listed under the Subject Heading. All other stationery is Optional. 

When is the Secondhand Book Sale? 

There will be no Secondhand book sale in 2020 for 2021. Parents will be sent a list of items that can be bought and sold via email. Sustainable School Shop ( can help you find books for sale – check the title and edition carefully before purchasing! 

I’ve missed the deadline! What can I do? 

The booklist stays open until the booklist for next year is finalised – usually early in Term 4. Just place a Late Order via the website, and Campion will arrange delivery. Campion website or phone on 1300 433 982. 

What are “School Charges”? 

When you complete your order there will be two sub-totals added up at the bottom. “School Charges” is the sub-total for subscriptions (Education Perfect, Stile and/or Edrolo) which are being collected by Campion on the school’s behalf. The other sub-total is for Texts and Stationery.