2018 Woodleigh Campus Booklists

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Learning Field

In 2018, the school will be conducting a trial in relation to its use of digital textbooks. These resources will be made available to teachers and students through a company called Learning Field, with access available through a range of devices – iPads, Macs and PCs. As you may be aware, the school currently uses a variety of electronic textbooks and resources. The trial will focus on the use of a new provider for these services, with particular interest in the company’s ability to better support the integration of learning content with students’ laptop usage. An added benefit of the subscription is an expansion in the range of resources available for learning, with teachers and students able to access more than 20 additional textbooks per subject, for the average cost of a single hardcopy book.

Next year, the trial will involve students in Years 7-10, and selected students in VCE. Subjects that require a Learning Field subscription are listed on the Booklist for each year level, and are included here for your information:

  • Year 7-10 Subscription to Learning Field of $115, for textbooks in Mathematics, Science and Humanities. Please note that there is an additional charge for Cambridge HOTMaths of $20 for all Mathematics students in Years 7-10, which will also be accessed through Learning Field.
  • VCE students taking: Accounting (1-4), Chemistry (1-4), General (1-2), Further (3-4), Methods (1-4), and Specialist Mathematics (1-4) need to subscribe, as required, at $64 per subject.

The booklists were completed prior to the school’s agreement with Learning Fields being finalised, and the method of payment has been altered from a ‘chargeback’ to a ‘parent sign-up’ model, and we apologise for any confusion caused by this change. It is vital that you subscribe to the service as soon as possible, as these will be the only texts available to your child in the year ahead. You can also access further information about your subscription via the brochures below.