Yr 9 Camp Falls Creek High Plains

A group of Yr 9 students who opted for the most challenging of camps found themselves faced with six nights out on the High Plains of Falls Creek. The challenges that lay ahead were many: Summiting Mt Bogong (the highest peak in Victoria), preparing food and cleaning up outdoors, being near your mates for longer than usual, hiking with a pack laden with kit, food and if you're lucky, a large saucepan or wok. All this, and no wi-fi!

Students learned to work together to survive outdoors. Trust was built between the group, as students took on Leader, Cook, or Cleaner's roles. The skills required to read a map were expertly taught by our OEG Leader, Emmett, and students were soon harking on about 'spurs,' 'gullys,' and 'knolls.' There were moments when belief was low. Still, there always seemed to be an encouraging word and a partially destroyed Oreo to raise the spirits. 

Emmett described hiking as "Type 2 fun", explaining that it's the kind of fun you experience after the event when looking back. Is anyone having Type 2 fun yet? I am.